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HOW do I hide chats in the WATSAPP app?

If your relatives and friends are not averse to dealing from time to time with your personal correspondence that you carry out with the free WhatsApp messenger, sometimes the thought arises – how to hide the correspondence in WhatsApp? In fact, sometimes there are things that slip through chats and text messages that are by no means meant to be in the public domain. There may be confidential information about professional or personal relationships.

How do I keep my WhatsApp communications private?

The problem is that in the pursuit of maximum convenience and automation Messenger WhatsApp does not have the function of password protection and access lock.

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Therefore, to protect private correspondence, you need to use ingenuity:

You can set a password or PIN code for the entire mobile phone. While this is an inconvenience in itself. Every time you have to spend time unlocking the device, which is not always convenient.
You can install an additional application that implements authorization when using certain applications – including WhatsApp. You can find so many such app blockers for every taste and color in the app stores.

With the help of such protection applications, you can not only block access to Vatsap correspondence, but also to your email, SMS client and photo galleries. For example, if you have honest photos on your phone, you can use the AppLock application to make those interesting pictures only visible to people who know the access password.

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If your advanced children get in the habit of paying for computer games from your smartphone, it is advisable to end this opportunity. By blocking and protecting applications with passwords, you can not only protect your correspondence from prying eyes, but also save money and protect it from loss or theft phone.


Personal messages in Messenger Whatsapp – This concept is strictly confidential, this view is shared by all users. Few people want their messages to be read by relatives, friends, and work colleagues. Therefore, the question of how to hide a chat in WhatsApp is becoming more and more relevant. Don’t worry, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to do this within a minute on our portal. Let’s begin?

A great inconvenience and even a defect of the developer of a useful program is the inability to block the application itself and enter it with a PIN code or password. To maintain anonymity, you need to carefully consider how to do it and choose the option that works best in a given situation.

Hide the chat by blocking your smartphone

To prevent anyone from reading your secret message, place a digital or graphic password to a mobile device. This is very easy to do on an Android smartphone, tablet or iPhone. Above all, don’t forget your password itself. The only way to fix the inability to unlock is by flashing the device or resetting the settings to the factory defaults.

What is the problem? This radical mini-repair method will delete the application itself, contacts, and downloaded photos. Be careful with passwords.
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Other ways to customize your privacy

It cannot be said that the previous method is expedient. Try to “label” the program yourself. For example, the AppLock utility, the installation of which prevents access to all important areas of the smartphone.

Better yet, hide some contacts, correspondence with them becomes invisible to others. Just show them at the right time and keep enjoying the conversation. These are the main and only ways to hide WhatsApp correspondence.


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