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Bright images are often used in chats to express various emotions. Without them, modern human correspondence is difficult to imagine. In this regard, the vast majority of users are interested in the meaning of emoticons in WhatsApp. This is due to the messenger’s popularity. The program invites a person to use a fairly large gallery of different faces when communicating. Many of the images have clear meanings, but some are difficult to understand. A large number of modern users, who actively use graphics during correspondence, have to ponder for a long time the meaning of this or that face.

How to recover messages in WhatsApp – in different ways

If a person is interested in incomprehensible emoticons, they can always search the internet for their meaning. At the same time, he has the option of simply not using them in messages. When iPhone owners have a great desire to know the meaning of a particular symbol, they can use the Auto Spell option. This feature can help you avoid mistakes when adding a smiley face to the text. To use this option you need to double click on the image. Then select “Speak” in the menu that appears. Then the person hears the meaning of the pictogram.

Update Messenger WhatsApp – download and install

Every iPhone owner can easily activate the “Automatic Magic” option.

The following steps are carried out one after the other:

Go to Settings, select General and click Accessibility.
The desired function is selected in the opened “Vision” area.
Press the Select Loud button. After that, you need to select the speech speed. To do this, set the slider to the desired value in the option settings.

If you are using a device while chatting, WhatsApp emoticons will bring all messages to life. Thanks to them, the text will become more interesting, lively and even funnier.


When emotions are conveyed in words for a long time and it is not always possible to express them that way, there are a multitude of emoji symbols in Watsap. They look like round yellow faces that convey this or that emotion. The official name for emoji symbols is Emoticon. But smilies are more popular. Knowing the standard meanings of emoticons in WhatsApp is important in order to properly respond to messages from friends and family.

Where can you find emoticons?

Watsap emoticons are right next to the dial string (there is a smiley face icon on the left). Clicking this icon will bring up a list of smiles that can be selected with one click and pasted into the text. The icons are divided into free and paid categories. Paid can be linked to a public holiday or an event. You can download certain icons for Android and iOS by paying a small amount. At the same time, they are displayed in a separate list and can be published using the same algorithm as free ones.

You can insert smilies in the message text or as a separate communication element. Do you think it’s funny Click the smiling emoticon and send it. Friends will appreciate your mood.

Emoji emoticon decoding

If the expression of the emoticon is inconsistent or not entirely clear, it is better to use special emoji decoding.

Use of Watsapp emoticons

Table. The meaning of emoticons in WhatsApp in Russian


Smile, good mood, response to greeting

Modest smile, closed eyes, slight embarrassment

Big smile, joy, happiness, happiness, answer to a funny joke

Confusion, anticipation, experience, willingness to laugh

Sincere, open, lively laugh, a good assessment of a joke or a contribution

Desperate laughter to tears, accompanied by anecdotes and funny videos

Relief, laugh with deceit

Unrestrained giggles, stupidity

Innocent emoticon, encouragement, praise

A wink, maybe a greeting, the desire to meet, to support

Expression of love, admiration, gratitude, affection

Air kiss, love, gratitude, support

Reflections, hesitation, reflections

Sadness, sadness, resentment, disappointment

Hug emoticon, support, friendship

Knowing what emoticons mean, you can chat anytime, even if you are very busy and on the go. All you have to do is activate the quick reply and choose the emoticon you want.


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