How to find out is the user blocked in Watblock

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Most popular cross-platform application Whatsapp used by a large number of people. In addition, any user can block someone else who is on their contact list. In this regard, many would like to know how to understand that you have been blocked on WhatsApp?

It happens that the subscriber sends a message to someone but the replies are not received at all or stop receiving after a certain communication time. Then a person will surely wonder what the reason for such an incomprehensible situation is. In most cases it was simply blocked.

You can check this by the following characters:

How to add to a WhatsApp group

The conversation partner has no display that indicates his presence in the network. In addition, the contact may not show the last time they were active.
The subscriber does not change the image of the avatar, although it is known from mutual acquaintances that he has changed it. The same thing can happen to his name.
Messages to be sent are only marked with a check mark to indicate that they have arrived on the server. In this case, the second marker, which is a symbol for the delivery of letters directly to the addressee, does not appear.

If, when analyzing the current incomprehensible situation, at least one of the above signs appeared, then most likely someone from the contact list blocked the user who tried to contact him.

How do I use the blacklist in WhatsApp?

The developer purposely created the application so that when it is used, it never compromises the person’s privacy. Hence, the program purposely leaves some uncertainties and does not directly inform people that they have been blacklisted, even if they are looking in all possible ways for an answer to the question of how to find out that you are blocked on WhatsApp were.

WhatsApp is a great tool for instant messaging, both text and photos or videos. However, if you find that a particular subscriber has stopped responding to your request, you may be on their blacklist. How can you understand that you have been blocked in Vatsap? With the help of our portal you can analyze the behavior of a friend and shed light on the problem that interests you.

The program’s developers did not foresee that the user would receive notification that they would be blacklisted. It is impossible to determine with certainty based on the status of the participant. This position is explained simply – nothing is more important than the privacy of software users.

Whatever the subscriber does, which functions he activates in his application, this should not be made public, especially not by the interlocutors from his list. However, there are a few tricks you can use to find out if you have been blocked on the contact’s app.

Symptoms of ignoring include:

Information about human activities is updated irregularly.
You cannot see which mode he is currently online or not when he was last online.
The photo (avatar) or profile status remains unchanged over a long period of time.

If you know for sure that the subscriber leads an active life, appears in the vastness of social networks, but nothing has changed on your messenger for a few months, then They make no effort to communicate with you.

Blocking in Votsap: checking by calls and messages

If you are not sure if you are on your friend’s blacklist, try chatting with them. If there are unsuccessful attempts to make a mobile contact, you can find that there is a 100% chance that you have been blocked on WhatsApp.

The app has a free call function. Go to the menu, activate it by clicking on the call position and calling the subscriber’s number. If nothing happens on the screen of your gadget, the call does not go, all fears will be confirmed.

Try sending a text message or file in a similar way. The message is displayed, you can see it, but there is no indication of delivery to his contact. Ideally, you should see two check marks on the right side of the message. They indicate that the message has been delivered and will soon be reviewed. A gray check mark indicates that the person cannot (or does not want to) receive your message. The file or text is on the application server limited time.

This is the safest way to understand that you have been blocked in watsap. If you are removed from the blacklist anytime soon, the information submitted will be provided and verified.

Exceptions to the rule: the subscriber is not always to blame

There are situations when a friend or business partner might want to communicate, but there is no such option. Maybe he was having problems, but he just couldn’t warn in advance. The most likely reasons are:

The device has been lost or has been switched off for a long time.
The application crashed and was not reinstalled.
Cell phone error, there is no audible notification from chat, user does not hear that they have received a message and does not open the menu.
The owner does not enter the messenger for several months and hides the time of the last visit so that his status and photo remain unchanged.

If you are interested in the question of how to find out if I was blocked on WhatsApp, all the answers can be found on our portal.

How to find out is the user blocked in Watblock

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