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Those who like to communicate actively are probably interested in the so-called WhatsApp groups. These are nothing more than group chats. In addition, you can either create your own dialogues or combine existing dialogues and enjoy communicating with many other users. But how do you find a message on WhatsApp? After all, only the admin can add there and it is impossible to enter any of them at will.

However, there are two options for participating in a group chat:

Create your own group;;
to be invited to finish.

How do I create my own group?

The action algorithm in this case is as follows:

Go to the chats section.
Select the “Settings” item.
Press the “New Group” button.

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Done. Now you can assign a name to a new group chat, set a unique avatar for it, accept new people in the conversation and delete them.

How do I go to a dialog that has already been created?

To join an existing group, the administrator must be in the contact list. Then all you have to do is ask him to join the group chat. Usually the administrator himself is interested in a large number of participants, so it is unlikely that he will refuse it.

How do I find an existing chat?

And how do I find the chat I want in Vatsap when there are already many in the list? A special search tool is available for this. First you need to go to the chat page and click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner. A text entry field will open in which you must enter the name of the group. Unfortunately there is no regular search for communities, for example for music interests in WhatsApp. For example, this messenger differs from social networks. WhatsApp doesn’t claim to be a full-fledged social network, however. The tools available to him can therefore be regarded as sufficient.

If a user is a very sociable person, sooner or later their list of users, chats and dialogues will grow very much. And of course he’ll be interested How to find a community on WhatsApp by name. This is not difficult to do.

For this you need:

Download WhatsApp;
From the Chats screen at the top of the screen, click the magnifying glass button.
Enter the name of the group or part of it in the search field.
The most suitable options are shown by name – not just groups, but users as well.

Of course there is another way How to find a community on WhatsApp, Is a simple scrolling through the chat list. And if there are not that many groups, this can be considered acceptable.

How to find a dialogue and be invited to it

There are special resources, publics, and groups on the internet that you can use to search for WhatsApp groups of interest. To become a member, you need to contact the group administrator. But before how to find a group in watsap In this way, you need to understand that this makes your phone number available to a lot of people.

Dialogues in WhatsApp is nothing more than collaborative chats. However, with the right communication skills, the administrator can turn it into some kind of social network. Finally, each participant can upload pictures, audio and video and share thoughts with other members of the community. Of course, participants can still chat in a private chat. The administrator can add new members, delete them, appoint new administrators, change the name of the group and its avatar. Of course, you can’t just talk about it for a long time How to Find Valid WhatsApp Dialogs and what you can do in it … but it is better to try creating your own now or join an existing one.


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