How to download WhatsApp on Windows 10

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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your How to download WhatsApp on Windows 10

How to download WhatsApp on Windows 10

According to research, Whatsapp is the most popular messenger in the world – over 1 billion people send messages via WhatsApp every day, i.e. every seventh inhabitant of planet earth. In addition, users of the app, which is available in 60 languages, send 55 billion messages every day.

Agree, it is unreasonable to miss out on such communication opportunities. However, WhatsApp was originally developed for mobile applications. What about those who are used to using a Windows PC? Everything is very simple. Today we’re looking at how to download and install WhatsApp Messenger for a computer running Windows 10 (64 bit) for free.

Considering that of the three versions available, two – WhatsApp Web and Portable – do not require installation on a PC but can be launched directly from a website or browser, we will look at the third version – WhatsApp Desktop, the can be downloaded from the official website or installed via an emulator.

Download WhatsApp for Windows 10

The official version of WhatsApp for Windows

To install WhatsApp this way, all you have to do is click the button below:

Download WhatsApp for Windows 64 bit

The installation file will begin downloading to your Windows 10 computer. You will then need to run the downloaded file and follow the installation requirements. When you’re done, use your mobile phone to scan the QR code from the computer monitor. This process is described here step by step.

Installation via emulator

For fans of mobile applications, we describe the installation process using an emulator. The first step is to download the BlueStacks App Player emulator for your PC. We’ll use any browser, enter the name of the program in the search window, follow the link to the program’s installation page and hit the “Download” button.

Start the BlueStacks download

Next we start the installation of the downloaded archive. Once the component is installed, the Blue Stacks icon will appear on the desktop. The system may require a Windows restart to run the application. After installing the program, you need to select the Russian language and activate your Google account. When the Blue Stacks installation is complete on Windows, you will need to give Google services permission to determine your location. Think about WiFi passwords. You also need to set the network user name.

Blue Stacks is ready. You can now install any Android application on your Windows 10 computer. Next, you need to go to “Download Vatsap” in the search window, having found the official page of the application – click the “Install” button.

WhatsApp traditionally requires authorization to access device data. Once confirmed, the process of downloading and installing WhatsApp on your computer or laptop will begin. Then you can run the program.

After reviewing the Watsap privacy policy, the user proceeds to confirm the phone number. Here you need to select a country, enter the numbers of the number and enter the verification code received.

Make sure the phone number was recorded correctly. Once registration is complete, it cannot be changed. Enter a name as the online ID. The device is initialized and the list of contacts in the phone book is synchronized with the computer. You can see all the users on your list that WhatsApp is already connected to.

Everything is now ready to start communicating. Enjoy the convenience of displaying graphics and videos on a large computer screen. Agree, the comparison with a phone won’t be in favor of the latter. The modern multimedia experience of Windows 10 will multiply the effect of online communication and give you new unforgettable emotions.


Users of the popular free WhatsApp Messenger keep asking questions – why is there still no version of the application for desktop computers and tablets? After all, not all people have smartphones. WhatsApp’s marketing policy, however, stipulates that only Watsap applications for smartphones are officially offered on the market. But for every model.

How do I use WhatsApp for Windows 10?

The ability to use WhatsApp on computers was recently shown in the format of a thin client – a messenger in a browser without the need to install a program. To do this, however, you still need a smartphone with authorization by the mobile phone number. You can buy a smartphone Connect WhatsApp on the computer, and then take the device to a communication salon and claim money back as the colors do not match your tie or purse.

But what if this option is not suitable with a smartphone? Indeed, there are WhatsApp Messenger applications for desktops and tablets and even with the option to register. The only problem is that these are all third party applications that are sold under an “as is” license with no guarantees.

You use such third-party WhatsApp at your own risk and fear with the following consequences:

You can get a computer virus or spyware.
The third-party WhatsApp version may not be compatible with the current data transfer protocol.
Serious and dangerous changes to the registry and system files of the computer can occur during the installation of the program.
Attention: There are WhatsApp WEB version , which can be used on a computer without installation !!!

So only download third-party WhatsApp versions from reputable websites that you think are reliable and clean. Or we wait for WhatsApp to make landline users happy.

Download Whatsapp for Windows 10 for free

How to download WhatsApp on Windows 10

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