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Messenger WhatsApp allows you to stay in touch at all times provided you have an internet connection. It is popular that the number of users worldwide exceeds tens of millions. Very often the question arises how to completely disable WhatsApp. Of course, you can turn off the internet, but there are cases when all you need to do is block the messenger.

For what purposes is the shutdown carried out?

There are several methods to disable WhatsApp. When choosing, you should decide why such an action is being performed:

So as not to receive messages and calls.
To prevent contacts from seeing the status.
You can also temporarily deactivate the application on all mobile operating systems: it will not be displayed in the general list and function, but settings and other information will be saved. The application occupies free space in memory.

Turn off notifications

To take a break from messages received through Messenger, you can turn off notifications. Messages will come and be saved in the chat, but the device will not ring all the time. Note, however, that in this case the call will also be reached.

Deactivation can be done via the application settings. To do this, go to the settings area, select the notification area and turn off the sound field. This allows you to temporarily turn off messages.

If you are thinking of how to disable Whatsap Messnger for a while while the application is not even showing on the screen, then you should pay attention to the settings of the operating system. In the Settings section you will find a subsection with applications in the list of which we will select WhatsApp. When you select it, an additional window will appear with a check mark for temporary deactivation. Note that all settings and information remain unchanged – this feature is not Removes the application, but turn it off.


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