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The T9 mode was popular a few years ago when push-button devices were in vogue. Thanks to him, it was very convenient and quick to write text messages. You simply clicked on the corresponding numbers with a series of letters, while the smart program quickly found the desired variant of the word. If you are wondering how to disable T9 Wotsape, Then you’ve come to the right place. Our portal will help you solve this problem.

T9 is not only present in the ancient ancestors of smartphones, but also in modern devices based on the Android platform. However, it is more convenient for users to type messages with the keyboard, albeit slower and not as convenient, but to avoid mistakes.

Such a regime could come as an unpleasant surprise after typing and paraphrasing one of the words or emoticons in its own way. The program has a built-in good dictionary with an extensive list of frequently used words. This caused confusion and even anger among your interlocutors, didn’t it?

How to remove T9 on Android

It is very easy to do. Just use the settings menu. Follow some steps step by step:

Go to Settings.
We choose the language and input position.
Click on it, a list will open.
Take a look at the “Smart Set”.
Find T9 or AutoCorrect.
Deactivate the mode by moving the slider to the inactive position.

Almost all phone models can be deactivated in the same way.

Notice! If you have multiple keyboards installed on your gadget, do not confuse them with Google voice typing (we are not touching this position!). Then select the one you are currently working with.

In addition, the developers not only offer T9, but also its counterparts that allow you to automatically print texts or perform various auto-corrections. Therefore:

Find the Advanced item in Keyboard Settings.
Clicking on it will bring up in front of you a list of features that are subject to automatic text editing.
Disable them and you will become the full owner of your gadget.

With the help of our portal, you can solve various problems related to the functionality of the popular messenger. You no longer need to contact the support or service center.


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