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Most of the modern gadget users around the world are using WhatsApp, which has become an integral part of their lives. Everyone has to delete correspondence sometimes for various reasons to prevent personal information from falling into the wrong hands. It is very easy to do. If you wish, you can completely clear all correspondence and history of your communications from the Watsapp application by following the basic steps given below. These manipulations affect personal and collective chats. Deleted messages are permanently deleted from your mobile device. For more details how to delete messages and chats W.hatsApp, Check out this article. This is useful information on how to back up the messages you need.

How to delete a specific message from a WhatsApp dialog box

Open the dialog box or group chat that you want to delete.
Find the beginning of the communication and click the “Change” button.
A check mark will appear after you click the message you want to delete.
Click the urn icon located at the bottom of your monitor.

How to delete all correspondence or group chat

Go to the Chats tab.
Press your finger on the line of this chat in the direction from right to left to delete it.
You will see the “Delete” button and click on it.
Please note that if a collective chat appears you will be automatically excluded from the group. After that you have to send a request to the application management again in order to add you to the group. If you are the group administrator personally, the new leader will be selected automatically. More information on collective chat can be found here.

How to clear chat history without leaving groups

Use the function: “WhatsApp – Settings”;
Head down;
Execute the function: “Delete all correspondence”;
Please note that deleting all correspondence will not remove you from the groups.

How to remove messages and chats on WhatsApp app

You have the option to delete your private messages and chats, groups and chat history for which you need to take a number of specific actions. This information will permanently disappear from your mobile device. This article will provide you with information on how to back up the messages that you need.

How to delete one or more messages from a conversation

Go to the WhatsApp program and select the message that you want to delete.
Click and hold on this message.
You can click multiple messages at the same time that you want to delete.
Select the function: “Delete”.

How to delete private chat WhatsApp

On the main chat monitor, press and hold the chat you want to delete.
Go to the menu: “Leave the group”;
Press and hold the chat again.
Go to the function: “Delete group”.

How to clear all of your chat history

Find the function in the settings: “Chat Settings”;
Go down and click the button: “Delete All Chats” or “Delete All Correspondence”;
The “Delete all chats” function removes all chats and all messages they contain. You are still a member of all groups that appear in your chats area.
With the function: “Delete all correspondence” all information in chats is deleted. However, this section shows chats.


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