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WhatsApp application users are wondering where to get a link to WhatsApp to send to a friend who was not recorded on the phone. This line will help you communicate with someone who has no contacts on your smartphone.

You can do it yourself. Learn how to create a link to WhatsApp below.

How to set up a “direct connection” in WhatsApp Web

There is a “direct connection” in the functions of the messenger, which helps to establish communication with people who are not recorded in the book of the smartphone. You can connect to WhatsApp and send the right person to the phone.

The user must do the following:

Go to the browser.
Download and connect WhatsApp Web.

Enter in the top line<12345>.
Instead of numbers, include the person’s number in international format without parentheses or dashes.

This is a direct link to a chat with someone who is not in contact. The main requirement is that the user with whom the communication is to take place must register in the application

In addition to calling the user for a conversation, a person can send encrypted messages. For example, to send a message about buying an apartment on vatsap, you need to do the following:

A … create 20want% 20in% 20buy% 20your% 20 apartment.

Then paste the link in the top line of the browser.
Submit the link by clicking the highlighted button below.

WhatsApp – how to spell the name correctly

Adding private chat to profiles of other applications

It is shown in an example with an Instagram page.

What should be done:

Open a personal page on the Instagram website.
Click Edit Page.

Write or copy and paste into the field “Website“.

Save Changes.

When you click on it, a person will enter into a chat with a user who posted a line with their address on WhatsApp.

How do calls work in WhatsApp Messenger?

To specify the path to your own group in the profiles of other applications, you need to do the following:

Go to WhatsApp.

Open your own group.
In the upper right, click the vertical ellipsis.

Look in the drop-down list and click “The information“.

Scroll down the list and click on the entry “Invite to the link via link“.

Copy and paste it into the profile you want.


This placement of the path in its own profile is an advantage. Now, instead of having to put a phone number under each ad, you have to add a person to Contacts first and then to Instant Messenger.


The Vatsap developers are working tirelessly to improve the messenger and add all the new features. These options include generating Auto footnotes on “Vatsap” and the possibility of direct contact. Our article will tell you how to create a link to WhatsApp or activate a direct link.

WhatsApp for Instagram

It is not difficult to redirect from Instagram profile to Vatsap. We follow this algorithm:

Log into your Instagram account.
Go to the profile page (the little man in the top right).
We activate the button “Machining“.

We find the line “Website“.
The line is active for filling, you must insert an address in the following format: https: // phone = ???. Replace the question marks on the right with the cell phone number associated with the Vatsap account. The telephone number is given in the international standard. For Russia it will look like this: 79034954376.
We save the changes, go to the main page.

We find the address link on WhatsApp. Click here to check it out.

The system should direct you to chat immediately.

Direct connection

This feature allows you to send messages through special links. There are two types of actions: creating a chat with a participant whose data is not yet contained in the contacts of the device itself and the software, and messages with a short text that has already been prepared.

Footnote Number:

Enter the address in the browser in the following format:
After the equal sign, you must enter the recipient subscriber’s phone numbers in international dialing format, e.g. 79034954376.
The forwarding footnote is ready. When you click on it, the conversation feed will automatically open in Messenger.
How to send a link: We will print the text of the message or add an image and send it.
Important! The option works and the chat will only open if the recipient subscriber has a valid watsap account

Footnote with text:

In the same way, open the browser and enter the address of the footnote, but in a different form: 20on% 20connection% 20after% 20dinner

If you click on such a line, you will be redirected to the contacts of the messenger, where you can select a recipient and send an already generated message.
Submit presses.
Note! The user can compose a ready-made text message with the recipient’s number. It will look like this: I’ll be% 20 on% 20% 20 after% 20 lunch.

Why such options are useful:

Auto footnotes save time.
There is no need to save the subscriber’s details or search for them in the list.
the ability to send a message to a user who has the WhatsApp web application installed;
The subscriber can see your footnote on social networks and contact you directly.
You have the opportunity to expand your business relationships infinitely by working online.


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