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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your HOW TO COMPLETELY REMOVE THE WATSAP APP FROM YOUR PHONE


For one reason or another, sometimes you have to either completely remove WhatsApp from your mobile device or reinstall it. How do I remove WhatsApp from the phone so that there is no trace of it left?

You can do this in several ways:

With standard means of the operating system;

Use specialized utilities.

By default via the operating system

It’s very easy to do, just like any other application. You need to go through the Android menu: Settings – Applications – WhatsApp – Delete. Then restart the device so that all service files are also completely deleted. You also need to clear your phone’s cache.

Use special utilities

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to uninstall WhatsApp using standard Android operating system tools. Fortunately, there aren’t that few specialized utilities for this. They often work with superuser rights, so you must be careful when installing and using them, as malicious services can also be started by root.

How to quote a message on WhatsApp

Examples of useful utilities include the following:
Root uninstaller;
Delete root app;
System App Remover;
Cleaner – cleaning accelerator.
With them, you can answer the question of how to completely remove WhatsApp.

Root uninstaller

In addition to uninstalling third-party providers, you can also uninstall system applications. To do this, as the name suggests, you need to acquire root privileges. You can also use this utility to back up data.

WhatsApp: the official website of the application


This utility, with a simple name, also allows you to uninstall almost any Android application.

Delete root app

You can uninstall or freeze any application on a rooted device.

System app remover

You can delete and move both regular and system-related services. To uninstall system programs, you must have root privileges.

Cleaner – cleaning and accelerator

A very powerful application consisting of several modules that are used to:

Quick and reliable removal of installed applications, both third party and system;
Clearing the device cache;
Optimization of the file system to speed up the device;
Accelerating game applications by optimizing files specifically related to games;
Clear call history, browser, run applications, SMS.

The instant messaging messenger WhatsApp offers round-the-clock contact with your family, friends and work colleagues without having to pay for text messages. You can send text notifications by connecting to Wi-Fi or a cellular network to all subscribers who are in your phonebook and using the application installed on their device WhatsApp Messenger. This service works on almost all existing modern platforms, e.g. AndroidblackberryiPhone and other.

The collective chat function is very useful and convenient, allowing you to correspond with multiple users at the same time. With this application, you can send an unlimited number of text messages, as well as audio recordings, videos and photos to your relatives, friends and acquaintances absolutely for free. After installing the application, you can use it for free and pay 99 cents a year in the future. However, if you used this application and for some reason didn’t like it, a very logical question arises: how to delete Whatsapp from your phone or computer. Read the detailed instructions below to delete your account.

How to uninstall WhatsApp on Blackberry

Find the section “The settings” and go to options “Characteristics”;;
Go to “Additional properties” and “Applications”;;
Find WhatsApp Messenger in the list. Click on it to select;
Click on the Blackberry logo and execute the function “Clear”. Confirm your decision to remove the system.

Remove the app from the iPhone

push the button AT HOME and use it to get to the main menu;
Press and hold the WhatsApp Messenger icon for a few seconds. At the top left you can see “X”;;
To uninstall the program, click the cross.

Remove an application from the Android operating system

Unlock your monitor and go to the game market.
Click the option MENU and go to the section “My Applications”;;
In the list of applications, find the WhatsApp Messenger section and click on it.
Now go to Articles “Clear” and click on “OK” to confirm your decision.

Remove WhatsApp from the computer

Once you have installed the application in the Bluestacks emulator, all you need to do is remove the messenger from the emulator. The account will be deactivated like on the phone. If you have used WEB version of WhatsApp, Just quit it right in the browser.

After uninstalling the WhatsApp application, Your account will be deleted You will be removed from your friends list as well as from all groups in the WhatsApp application. The history of notifications from your mobile device and payment information will also be deleted.


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