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For one reason or another, users may be interested in the question of how to clear the memory Whatsapp. So how do you do that

What is WhatsApp storage, what is it for?

In this case the so-called repository means an archive with correspondence. Calls are automatically backed up – in a user-defined location – at exactly three in the morning. Of course, if the phone is connected to the internet at that time. However, there is also an option to manually save the message history.

However, cloud storage is not viewed by everyone as a reliable way to store sensitive data (although it is actually still quite reliable). And it’s not dimensionless. It is very easy to delete part of the correspondence or even all of the correspondence, thus clearing the memory from unnecessary files in WhatsApp:

First you need to run the program yourself Whatsapp on a mobile phone;
Then go through the following points Menu:: the settings – – iCloud – – Vault – – WhatsApp Messenger – – delete everything;;
and agree to the deletion.

You can enter the selected vault with your computer. You have to delete archives manually.

If the storage was organized on an SD hard drive, you can switch to the folder / sdcard / WhatsApp / databases – and delete all files from there. This is a great way to remove an overly bloated archive.

You should also keep in mind that when you clear the memory, all files related to WhatsApp will be deleted from it. These are saved text messages, files ever received, and pictures, videos … In a word, that’s it. And it will be impossible to restore all of this later.

A little bit about WhatsApp Messenger itself

The program for WhatsApp communication was created back in 2009. Over the years it has come a long way in development and acquired many wonderful properties:

Communication in the text individually and Group chats;;
Exchange of pictures and small video clips;
change background for each chat individually;
Location determination;
Free calls – both by voice and video.

In addition, the program is completely free. And you can download it in Russian right away. Although WhatsApp has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface, it is even easier for Russian-speaking users to master it.


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