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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your HOW TO CHANGE YOUR WATSAP NUMBER


Application user Whatsapp, Activate it like Skype or Viber by mobile phone number. It is very convenient, the list of contacts shows phone data stored in the phone’s memory. You do not have to enter them additionally. It is enough to see that a certain participant has installed a messenger for himself and is ready to communicate.

How to change the number in Vatsap and whether this is basically possible is a frequent question from the guests of our portal. You can do this, you don’t have to reinstall the software or create a new account.

Notice! When replacing personal data, subscribers from your phone book do not have the old parameters available, they simply do not see them. Good news – information from the previous account is carried over to the new account, including correspondence history, avatar, and status.

Functions to change the number in Vatsap

To complete the settings, you need to follow the steps below:

Go to the program.
Search position account.
Open the Change number item.
In front of you are two lines – the old parameters are at the top, the new ones at the bottom.
Click Finish.

Note that Activation is completed by sending SMS messages to both profiles. In this case, the new phone must already be successfully activated, ie the SIM card is installed and several paid calls have been made. Otherwise the process will fail.

It is necessary Delete old account. The connected phone is also removed from the program database. The second step is the transfer Message history, Groups and subscribers to a new profile. It is already registered on another SIM card.

Do I have to be informed about a change in the profile of the interlocutor?

There is no need to write messages to everyone who customized your profile. After all information has been successfully transmitted (copied), communication is automatically continued.The developers of the program have made sure that all users are comfortable.

Apart from entering personal data, no action is required. The intelligent application does everything independently. If Messenger does not load, remove the SIM card by reinstalling it.


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