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WhatsApp Messenger was initially designed by the developers as a means for instant messaging Рsimilar to SMS. Because of this, messages are always sent to the phone and there is no way to disable them at the application level itself. We cannot deactivate the acceptance of SMS on our mobile phone. However, WhatsApp calls are also possible, although they are not an application priority.

WhatsApp calls function

The advantages of internet telephony are undeniable. With WhatsApp you can make voice calls anywhere in the world without using expensive traditional telephony charges. You will only be billed for internet traffic usage. For those who “sit indefinitely” it will be really beneficial.

However, remember:

Calls via WhatsApp can only be made if the other participant has also installed this application.
Emergency calls cannot be made via WhatsApp.
You can only make calls if the device supports platforms: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10.

Ways to save audio from the WhatsApp application

We call ourselves

How can I call WhatsApp myself? In fact, everything is very simple. To make a call, you need to go to chat with the interlocutor and click on the handset icon. Now all you have to do is wait for the subscriber to receive the call.

How do I answer a WhatsApp call?

But what if someone you know calls each other? In this case, two handsets are initially displayed on the screen: green to accept a call and red to reject a call. All you have to do is move the corresponding pipe aside. You can also quickly reject a call using the message key.

Push button phone with WhatsApp – buy or download

Video calls

The answer to the question of whether it is possible to call via WhatsApp is positive: you can and should call WhatsApp. However, what about video calling? After all, many instant messengers support this feature. Is WhatsApp lagging behind its competitors? Unfortunately, there is no official support for video calling yet. Although, since 2015, rumors that the developers want to include this feature in the official assembly have flooded the web. Nowadays there are unofficial add-ons that still include the ability to make a video call via WhatsApp, but the user installs them at their own peril and risk.


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