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Learn how to make WhatsApp calls to minimize the cost of connecting with friends and family, wherever they are. You can use this program to make voice calls for free anywhere in the world if you have an internet connection. The annual subscription for WhatsApp costs only 99 cents, while the first year of use is completely free.

How do I use WhatsApp calling?

Voice calls are now available for users of the most popular mobile systems Android, Windows Phone, iPhone and BlackBerry 10 and are very easy to use. To do this, you have to open a chat with the desired user and click on the icon for a telephone receiver. When they call you, click the green handset icon. If you cannot answer the call, click the red icon on the screen.

How to delete a message from WhatsApp with the other person

In the negotiations, only the internet traffic is taken into account and not the number of minutes according to the tariff of the mobile operator. This way, you can talk as much as you want without having to pay for each call. There is one important note, however. You cannot call emergency services with WhatsApp. If necessary, you must use the usual services of a cellular operator. A new version of Messenger for a computer has been released, which can be downloaded from the link.

Do you need Internet for WhatsApp Messenger?

When are calls paid?

You may have to pay extra for voice calls if the owner of the device is overseas. Roaming can increase the cost of internet access. This is determined by the tariffs of the mobile operator. Call tech support to find out how much traffic will cost. In any case, however, it is more profitable to use WhatsApp than to pay for roaming calls with mobile tariffs.

The cross-platform WhatsApp program has become one of the most popular precisely because of its extensive functions. Install it on your phone and you will be able to communicate with all users in the world.


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