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Those who are just starting to use Whatsapp, The question of how to block a person in Votsap will certainly be of interest. After all, sooner or later we all run into spam and annoying or even just rude people. So this question can really be ascribed to one of the most pressing. In order to…

How to block someone on WhatsApp

In fact, this can be done in a number of ways. For example, when a message is received from an unknown user, the action options are immediately available. Block the subscriber, report spam, or add them to your friends list. Accordingly, we choose the first option.
Another way to block a contact in WhatsApp is through the blacklist. For this you need:

Download the program Whatsapp;;
Go through the following menu items: Menu – – the settings – – account – – privacy – – clogged;;
A list of all users who have already been blocked is displayed. You need to click on the icon in the form of a human figure with a sign A plus;;
You will be asked to select an unwanted contact from Contacts – select it and agree to our selection.

You can block a person in Vatsap in the following ways:

Turn on the program Whatsapp;;
Open a chat with the person you want to block.
Click the three-dot sign at the top of the screen.
Select the article “block“.

What happens after the participant is blocked?

At the same time, of course, many are also interested in what happens if a contact is blocked in Watsap. In fact, a blocked user can never know about it. He will not receive any notifications about this. He can even continue to write messages. True, no one will ever read it …

Also, the blocked person cannot access the information you accessed the network, changed your avatar in the photo, or changed your status.

Is it possible to unblock a person?

Of course, blocking and unblocking a person can be done at any time. This is done via the list of blocked users. How to get inside has already been described above. When you find yourself in this list, you need to choose the one that you need Unlock participants – and select an item in the menu “Unlock“.

At the same time, however, it should be noted that the messages that the user sent to you while they are still blocked will not be restored after unblocking. So what he wrote you there back then – it is possible that it will remain a secret forever.


Unhindered communication in Messenger Whatsapp – a very important part of the social life of the owner of the gadget. But sometimes subscribers send Spam, too pushy in communication, constantly calling or writing. You set her up blacklist and sleep well. If you urgently need to speak to such an interlocutor, you can find out how to unblock a contact in WhatsApp on our portal.

You can unblock the Watsap contact without help.

I will get the subscriber out of the “black list”: what will happen?

If you block the other party, you will not be able to receive incoming calls and messages from them in the future. Unlocking implies the opposite – You can freely communicate with the contact as well as view the avatar and status and show them your data.

Notice! If a contact is brought into an emergency situation, the number is not deleted from the application. This can only be done manually via the phone book. For this reason, changing the settings allows you to restore communication immediately.

Unblock numbers on Android devices

If you are the owner of gadgets based on the Android operating system, then such manipulations are very easy. Know how to unblock a person on WhatsApp, The user receives all messages sent to him and stored on the program server.

Follow these steps:

We go to the menu.
We choose the Settings item.
Go to your account.
Find the privacy line and select the Blocked item. A list of all interlocutors with whom you do not want to communicate opens.
Select the one you want, then lightly press and hold the touchscreen for a second or two.
We confirm the proposal to remove the lock.

Unlocking a contact begins with the account item.

Next, switch to the Privacy tab.

Long press to unlock the contact

Remember that incoming files cannot persist on the server for too long. If you want to be kept informed about events regularly, remove the black mark regularly. By the way, the interlocutor cannot even guess.

To perform similar actions as the iPhone owner, you need to:

Go to Settings.
Select account.
Go to data protection.
In the Blocked list that opens, select one or more interesting positions.
Swipe left on the name on the touchscreen.
A list of commands opens. You need to turn off the Unlock option.

To unlock on the iPhone, select Privacy.

Next, go to the list of blocked contacts.

Press the release button to remove the block.


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