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The archive in Watsapp is such a grandmother’s attic, where you put things that look completely useless today and after a while they can come in handy. For example, after a hundred years of useless lying in the attic, an old primus (this is such a primitive microwave) will smoothly transform into a valuable antique object and help you pay for the accumulated execution orders.

What does it mean to archive a WhatsApp chat? In this case, you don’t want to clutter the Messenger UI with old conversations, but assume that some texts from there could be useful to you in the future.

Archiving function in WhatsApp

Select the chat to be archived and click on Activate in the menu.
If necessary, click the Unzip button in reverse order.

What is WhatsApp status and how to install it

Here is an example. Once, in a fit of complacency, your friend wrote on the chat that he was always ready to help you with money. And so that you hesitate to apply for a loan even late at night.

Take the time to erase such valuable information. If you’re on the verge of a financial precipice, you can print out the coveted archive and email the text to your friend. Who, as always when spending cash, suddenly forgot their promises and vows of eternal friendship. The WhatsApp archive is the key to loyal friendship.

How to delete a message from WhatsApp with the other person

Now you all know what archiving chat in Watsap is and what it can be tainted with. So send all chats to the archives carefully, but never throw out loud statements like “I’m getting married” or “I can borrow”. It is recommended to pronounce such sentences without witnesses after making sure that the sound recording is turned off on the mobile phone. If you are a respectable girl, keep a backup cellphone with a constant record that the guys don’t need to know about, just in case. Girls should have their own little secrets. Download the new version of Watsapp on our website.


Many Messenger users use chats most often for communication. This is due to the fact that the program allows you to transfer beautiful stickers, animated postcards and stamps Group chats etc. The popularity of chat rooms has been determined by the emergence of a relatively large number of tools. One of the most popular messengers is Whatsapp, which has the largest set of functions. Archived chats in WhatsApp deserve special attention. Let’s consider why they are needed and how to archive the correspondence.

Why do you need archived chats in Messenger?

Regarding WhatsApp and the archiving function, here are some things to keep in mind:

This function is used to partially hide the previous correspondence.
Despite the fact that the correspondence is not displayed, it is available for further display.
They use the function in question to optimize their correspondence. Some information can be useful and necessary, but it clogs the chat window.
The archives store the complete chat: Emoticons, attached files and so on. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the information being lost at the time of archiving.
At the same time, we note that WhatsApp does not copy or delete the chat in this way. The copy function is called export and is very different from the one under consideration.

How do I archive chats in Messenger?

The archiving process is quite simple. To do this, press and hold the desired chat and select the archiving function in the drop-down menu. It should be noted that the chat is no longer displayed in the general list afterwards.

Scroll to the bottom of the Chats window to read previously archived information. The function for archived chats is then displayed. Once selected, a list of archived chats is displayed. After a long press on the desired window, a window with functions will appear, in which we will select unpacking.

It should be noted that the archive is used to save free storage space and to optimize the messenger. In order not to get confused during active correspondence, you should use this function. The archive is not a backup and cannot be used to store the required information on external media.


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