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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your HOW TO ADD TO A GROUP IN WHATSAPP


How do I add a person to a group in WhatsApp if the user who wants to do so is an administrator? This question is of interest to many beginners in the communication program.

Invite to chat WhatsApp on an Android device

It’s not difficult to invite a member to chat in a group chat. The main thing is to act on the following principle:

In the upper right corner, click the ellipses vertically.

In the drop-down window select the entry “The information“.

In the newly opened masonry, click the button “add participants“.

Find the user you want to invite and click on it.

You then have to confirm that the user wants to invite this user to communicate.

Sending video files in WhatsApp is a simple application function

The contact is added. The person can participate in correspondence with other people. He can read all the coming news. Without administrator rights, the user cannot edit or delete messages.

Since adding to a WhatsApp group is not possible without the administrator’s permission, you can fix this problem by just asking to add it

Add to WhatsApp on the i-phone

When the question is how to add a person to a WhatsApp group on an iPhone, the solution is not difficult. The main thing is to follow the instructions below:

Download and install the messenger on your iPhone.

Run it.

Click on the article “Chat rooms“.
Find the right one and go there.
In the top line is “add contact“. Click on the inscription.
Select the desired subscriber from the phone book that fails after clicking and invite them.

WhatsApp won’t open – top 5 reasons and solutions

Vastap groups are a handy tool for classifying friends and creating thematic communities for communication. But the more conversations, the more time and functionality you need. This material is devoted to functionality, a series of administrative commands.

Groups in Watsap

Vatsap allows:

To generate;
To become active;
Leave, delete subscribers;
Join, invite interlocutors;
Create links to groups.

How to create a group in watsap instructions

A user with an active Watsap account can perform this task. The methods for generating a new chat are the same for owners of Android and iOS, as they are carried out via the parameters of the Messenger:

Sign in to WhatsApp.
section “Chats”.
Symbol “Add new“(Top left).
function “New”.
In the first window you can define a name and upload an avatar here.
Next, a tree with suggested contacts opens.
Then check the box next to the approved subscriber “Done.”

Send link

During the communication process it is natural to invite someone. Links are used for this purpose. The interlocutor has the right to create an address and send it to a potential participant.

To add a person to a group:

Enable chat for forwarding.
Slide your finger over the name.
possibility “Invite”.
Go through the list and put a tick in front of the desired interlocutor.
button Divide.

Recipients receive an invitation notification and can join the conversation. To do this, however, they must be members of WhatsApp.

Add to a WhatsApp group

It is a little more difficult to join a conversation that the user is not the administrator of than creating your own. Such a community must first be found and then a request sent to the administrator. There are several ways to join an existing community:

Search on the Internet:

Open a browser.
Enter the name or simply “popular WhatsApp communities“.
Community lists from administrators.
Select your favorites and send a request to the administrator number.
Accept an invitation.

Cry to friends:

Write to friends – have them give the address of interesting communities.
Receive an invitation and take part.

Social software:

Start the browser.
Find interesting communities via the browser line.
Find administrative details and request an invitation.

How do I find groups on my phone and computer?

A positive result of a certain collective chat is possible only if their name is known. If you don’t know the exact name, your best bet is to ask members or search the internet.

How to leave a group in Watsap – User Help

Over time, its popularity wanes, so a person may have to leave the general conversation.

There are slightly different algorithms for smartphones with different operating systems:

Android system:

Start a group chat.
Press and hold your finger until the menu appears.
Then the order “Sign out”.

iOS system:

Go to the conversation.
Activate the title area at the top.
Next action “Sign out”.

How to delete an unnecessary group in WhatsApp

As the number of conversations increases and activity decreases, there is no need to save any more data. It is easier to get rid of such a chat.

Instructions for Android or iOS devices:

Activate chat.
Press and hold your finger until the menu appears.
Continue to the list – then delete all participants one by one (finally me).
Choose an option “Sign out”.
The final stage is the removal of the collective conversation.

After reading our detailed instructions, you’ll be able to manage chats – like searching for groups, socializing, inviting, deleting, creating, or joining someone on your phone.


For administrators, developers can set up a group chat where they can change the number of participants, name, picture and much more.


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