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HOW do I add a user in the WATSUP app?

Many close people and friends communicate with today Whatsapp. A large number of users install the application on smartphones.

Hence, they are often interested in how to add a user to WhatsApp on the phone:

The user in the program must go to the “Contacts” section of the menu.
In the open phone book, next to each name is the status of a person, thanks to which you can understand whether they are registered in Messenger. When a relative or other person is not using the program, the “Invite” button will appear on the screen.
With an invitation, a button is pressed and a window opens and a message is sent with a suggestion to install Messenger.

How does the newsletter work in the WhatsApp application?

If a specific person is not in the phone book, they must be entered there.

For this purpose, a message is sent to him as follows:

In the application menu, press “+”.
In the opened window of the standard view, in which people are to be added, the person’s phone number and name are entered. Then the entered data will be saved.
A list of people in Messenger is selected by pressing the context menu key. The “Update” option is activated in the list displayed.

Then the person is displayed in the list.

The date on your phone is not correct in the Watsapp application – fix the error

How do I add a contact to WhatsApp on PC?

A certain number of users install the program on a computer in the emulator. Hence, they are also interested in how to add a user to WhatsApp.

User numbers from the phone are automatically displayed on the PC if they are saved in a Google account on the mobile device and are also used in the emulator. Whenever a new person needs to be added, they will first be entered in the phone book and then a message will be sent to them suggesting installing the messenger if they are not using it.

When downloading the messenger to the device, the user does not think about how to add a contact to WhatsApp. But over time, such a need arises when new friends join the ranks of the participants.

Option 1. Add on the phone.

For those using a smartphone as a communication platform in WhatsApp, the instructions to add it consist of the following steps:

Add the participant to the contact list on the device.
Make sure the format is correct (international version with plus sign and country code).
Go to WhatsApp Messenger.
Go to the section Contacts.
Select subsection Menu – – Update.
Wait for the update to finish.
Check whether a new contact has appeared in the list.
Start communication.

Note! The contact can only be displayed if WhatsApp is also installed on the subscriber and a valid account is available. Otherwise, it will not work to start communication with a friend.

You can add a friend from scratch by sending them an invite on WhatsApp.

How to add a new user to WhatsApp – step-by-step instructions:

Turn on the messenger.
Open section “The settings”.
Furthermore – “Contacts” – a specific participant.
Go to the subsection “Tell a friend“.
Choose a notification method: SMS, social network, letter by mail.
The friend receives an invitation with a link to download and install Messenger.

The first option is suitable for making contacts on Android, iOS, Windows.

Option 2. Add on the computer.

How to add a contact Whatsapp, whether the software is installed on the computer?

You can enter data manually:

Start the messenger on your computer.
Press the button “Menu” (upper right corner).
Select subsection “Contacts”.
Click the little man icon (top right).
In the window that opens, enter the phone number and name (other data are optional).
Confirm by clicking on the symbol “Done.”
Send the person a confirmation greeting message.

Note! For Android versions it is possible to download data in batches via an SD card or USB connection. However, the process requires installing an emulator and may not work for the web version. The most correct option is manual entry.

Adding contacts is a quick process for users who read these instructions. And now you can invite a friend to chat software with one click. Have fun communicating with new friends!


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