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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your HOW THE WATCHUP NEWSLETTER WORKS TO REMOVE SPAM


The most popular application that people with smartphones can use to communicate with each other is Whatsapp. This gives them the opportunity to save money while messaging. Many of them are supported by the WhatsApp newsletter in certain situations as it allows you to send important or even funny information to different users at the same time. It can be simple text, video, or an image. This function of messenger is widely used by the leaders of various groups and classes, public figures, activists, and all people who have a large number of friends and who enjoy communicating with them.

In addition, the program enables advertisements of a commercial nature to be broadcast to specific buyers and potential consumers.

This helps sell products effectively and run a successful business. The developer regularly improves the application. Therefore, this method of data delivery has certain advantages. This includes reliable protection against spam. In addition, advertisements are only sent to the target audience, which is people who have a phone number saved in the address book. In addition, the creators of the messenger made sure that the confidential information transmitted could not be stolen.

Video calls in WhatsApp Messenger – application features

How does the WhatsApp mailing list work?

The list is a saved list of contacts from message recipients. The user cannot select them from the address book every time they send information.

To make a list you will need:

Start the messenger.
Open the chats screen.
Go to the menu.
Activate the “New Mailing” option.
Press the + key to select recipients from your Contacts, or enter people’s names.
Confirm the created list with the “Finish” button.
Click on “Create”.

Signing Out of WhatsApp App – How to Sign Out of Your Account

By following these sequential steps, any user can create a new list. After the message is sent to the created contact list, it will be automatically sent to all the people whose names have been selected. You can reply to the sender. If so, his response will be displayed on the Chats screen. In this case, the message is only sent to the sender, it is not available to other users on the list. The WhatsApp newsletter program works in such a way that the information sent is only received by people who have the contact details of the person who sent it in their address books.


Spam is a commercial message that gets on the messenger account and leads to resentment among users. If such a warning is displayed on the screen once a week, it is perceived as normal, and the daily attack disrupts and distracts from communication. Our portal will help you get rid of the mailing list Whatsapp very fast and safe.

Where do spammers get their numbers from?

In most cases, companies or individuals interested in shipping don’t even need to purchase base numbers. It’s easy to create your own based on user information. The latter is available on various social networks and even publishes mobile phone numbers. Do not do this under any circumstances.

How do I deal with the problem?

If annoying letters appeared in your application, urgently proceed as follows:

Review all profiles and personal information listed in it.
Remove cell phone, email, and other identifiers.

This will reduce the chances of getting bored with WhatsApp spam by notifying you of completely useless promotional offers. When messages come from unknown but the same numbers save up You. Blacklist them immediately afterwards and they won’t bother you. There is one major drawback to this method: advertising can be sent from millions of numbers, and blocking each of those numbers is a very time-consuming process.

Attention to those who want to message their friends about content themselves: Recently, several companies have been created in the mobile advertising market that offer the ability to send informational notifications through Messenger.

Their prices are pretty loyal – from 9 kopecks per message, depending on the type. Under no circumstances should you give consent to such fraud. This approach contradicts the rules of application, You may be blocked from stopping sending.


WhatsApp newsletter – It’s a built-in tool that allows you to quickly send the same message to an unlimited number of users. At the same time, the obvious plus of mailing is that there is no need to send the message to everyone multiple times. The ability to organize mailings within Messenger can be very useful, for example if you are working on a team project or just quickly invite everyone to a picnic.

Create a WhatsApp mailing list

To WhatsApp newsletter Once you get started, the first thing you need to do is compile a list of the subscribers who will receive messages. To do this, you should:

Go to the Chats screen and enter the menu.
Select an article there “New Mailing List”;
Then you need to click on the “Plus” button and from the list select the contacts to whom the message should be sent.
Press the buttons Finish and create.

Now users will receive messages as usual. However, all participants in the mailing list cannot reply. Messages you send are only visible to the mailing list organizer.

Note: Only the users you have in the contact list will receive messages sent this way.

Delete mailing list

When the need for mailing is gone, you can simply delete it. To do this, you have to hold the newsletter header for a long time and then select the menu item Delete mailing list.Agree to the removal.

Attention! The list cannot be restored after it has been deleted.

Programs for organizing mailing lists

You can also include the following in the search service string: WhatsApp distribution program free download. And the search engine will definitely return search results. The advantage of such programs is that they allow flexible management of the mailing parameters. For example, send messages with a delay or a certain frequency, add users to the mailing list and remove them. There are also online services for this purpose.

In summary we can say that WhatsApp newsletter can be a really useful tool for quick Warnings User. However, this function should not be abused: Another user should not add anything to the blacklist due to spam and report spam to the support service. As a result, the account can be blocked.


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