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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your HOW IT IS POSSIBLE TO ARCHIVE AND UNARCHIVE A CHAT IN WATSAP


WhatsApp is a great messenger that has been used by hundreds of millions of people. Means Whatsapp You can communicate in both individual and group dialogs. If there are too many such correspondence, they can be archived, that is, packed in a special archive. And then the other way around – unzip. This feature is useful when you need to restore an old conversation with a friend. Of course, the question arises how to unzip a chat in WhatsApp. It is also important to note that archived messages cannot be deleted or saved to the SD card for later transfer. All you need is the “Extract” function. But at first it will not be superfluous to remind you how …

How do I archive a WhatsApp conversation?

The process isn’t actually too complicated, although not many are familiar with it. You need to do the following sequence of actions:

Go to WhatsApp.
Select the dialog that you want to archive.
Long press this dialog.
In the menu that opens, select the “Archive chat” entry.

How do I connect Watsap to different devices?

Correspondence is now better organized, while not a single message is lost in virtual oblivion.

How do I unzip?

However, the reverse process is required at regular intervals – unpacking. To unzip messages you need to do the following:

Go to WhatsApp.
Scroll down the dialog box.
Find the “Archived” article;
Find the correspondence you want and long press on it.
Select the “Extract” entry in the menu.

How do I archive and unzip all of the existing correspondence?

In addition to individual conversations, you can run archiving and archiving processes for all existing conversations at the same time. For this you need:

Go to WhatsApp.
From the Chats screen, press the Menu key.
Go to Settings and click on “Chats and Calls”.
Select “Archive All Chats” on the screen.

To unzip all messages, you have to perform a similar operation, the only difference being that you have to click “Unzip all chats”. If you receive a message in an archived correspondence, it will be displayed again. However, do not hope to read the messages by extracting the archive from the file manager with an archiving program: for example, RAR archives of WhatsApp correspondence have nothing to do with the usual archives.

How to install Whatsapp on a computer without a phone

For Windows Phone

In operating systems other than the Android operating system, the principle of operation is the same with some differences in the icons and names of the menu items. For example, in Windows Phone you must first select the icon with three vertical dots, which allows you to access additional settings and functions, and then: Additional – Archived messages. Then you need to select the item you want and press and hold for a while. Then select the “From archive” entry in the new menu that opens. The archiving function is available in iOS 7 and higher. This feature is not available in recent iOS operating systems.


Of course, information on how to unzip a chat can be helpful to any user. Indeed, sometimes given the fact that suddenly this or that chat no longer appears in the section Chat rooms, The newbie starts to think that the chat is no longer available …

What does WhatsApp messages archive?

No, but chats are still available. And they can be restored at any time. The thing is Whatsapp Sends the dialogues that have not been used for a long time to a special archive area. This, on the one hand, clears the workspace by removing unused chats and, on the other hand, saves storage space. However, we repeat that the chats themselves don’t go anywhere. You can always use them again. To do this you have to unzip it.

How can you unzip this or that correspondence?

You can unzip the correspondence at any time. And that requires:

Download the program Whatsapp;;
Go to the tab Chat rooms;;
Here, scroll the screen to the lowest position. Below is the article “Archived chats“, And next to it is the number of such dialogues;
You need to click on this article.
A window opens with a list of the correspondence in the archive.
Long press the chat header.
and select the icon with a folder and an arrow in the top menu.

Done! The chat has been unzipped and is now available again in the main Chats area.

If you need to return all the dialogs from the archives at once, you can do that too:

Download WhatsApp on your smartphone.
go to Menu Applications (three vertically spaced points);
Select the article “Chats and calls“;
find here and on “Unzip all chats“.

After that, absolutely all previously archived chats will return to the main screen. You can use them like nothing happened.


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