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Blacklists or ban lists are certainly a useful invention of programmers. In fact, at times, some users are able to put them on white heat with their insults or just plain spam. And you can’t discount spambots … That is why almost all messengers and social networks have in their arsenal so-called black lists in which you can add an unwanted user. WhatsApp also has its own blacklist.

What if you add someone to the blacklist?

When you add a user to an emergency, almost all of the messages in your virtual life will no longer be available to them:

The user cannot write messages.
Of course he can’t call;
He won’t see any status changes;
Even changes to the avatar are no longer available to him.

In short, it can be thought of as being completely thrown out of the events of existence in the WhatsApp environment. However, remember that the participant is still on the list of phone numbers. So, with complete assurance that it will never need to be restored (how to do this is explained below), then you need to delete the blocked party’s phone number from the phone book. However, it becomes impossible to write to the most blocked participant.

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How do I block someone on WhatsApp?

How can I blacklist someone on WhatsApp? It is very easy to do. First you need to go into the actual emergency yourself. To do this, you need to navigate through the menu: Menu – Settings – Account – Privacy – Blocked. Now you need to find the icon in the shape of a man with a plus sign in the upper right corner and click on it. The subscriber search menu opens. All you have to do is select the contact you want, click on it and answer in the affirmative to the question whether it is really necessary to add the user to the WhatsApp blacklist. If a contact is not saved in the phone, all you have to do is click on the chat with this subscriber and select the “Block” entry. You can also report spam. Thus, the spammer is not only added to the prohibited list, but also receives a warning from the WhatsApp service itself.

How do I unlock a user?

For example, if a user is accidentally placed in an emergency, they can be unlocked in seconds. To do this, you need to navigate through the following items: Menu – Settings – Account – Privacy – Blocked. Next, you need to find the user you want, click on it and select “Unlock” from the pop-up menu. Everything, now it will be possible to communicate with this person as before. The second method is even faster. All you have to do is write a message to the blacklisted user. WhatsApp will remind you that this subscriber has been blocked and then offer to unblock them. You have to agree.

How do I make calls with WhatsApp?

Different operating system

With operating systems other than Android, the sequence of actions and the general principle are retained. Only the navigation through the menu items can be changed. For example, for Windows Phone the order is as follows: Open a chat and select More – Block.

For Nokia S40: Options – Settings – Account – Privacy – Blocked Contacts – Add Contact.
For iOS: Settings – Account – Privacy – Blocked – Add New.
For Blackberry: Settings – Account – Privacy Settings – Blocked Contacts.

In emulators, the actions are similar to the Android operating system.


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