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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your HOW DO YOU CONNECT WATSUP MESSENGER TO THE DEVICE?


Mobile app stores offer a variety of social messengers for communication. However, when the choice has already been made and almost all friends are communicating in WhatApp, it is time to think about installing the application on a smartphone. For detailed instructions on how to connect WhatsApp to a smartphone and computer, see this article.

The step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing contain different steps depending on the type and operating system of the device: Android, iOS, Windows.

WhatsApp on the iPhone

Messenger is easy to install on Apple smartphones and works great. However, there are several requirements that must be met:

The messenger is downloaded from a trustworthy source (e.g. the AppStore).
The iOS generation must not be older than iOS 7.
Suitable device models: from the 4th generation to 11 (iPhone 4, 4s… 11).

Download WhatsApp for tablet

If the device meets the specified parameters, you can start downloading and installing.

The following algorithm will help:

Go to the AppStore.
Enter the name of WhatsApp in the search bar.
Select the software and press the button – download and install.
The installation process begins with a request to accept the terms of the agreement for users.
This is followed by a registration form that you have to fill out (country, telephone number, name).
The system sends a digital verification code to the number – this must be entered on a special line and verified.
The messenger is then ready for use.

Recommendation! Before you start communicating, you must correctly configure your profile: insert a photo or an avatar, configure the security and notification settings, set the background and the font size.

WhatsApp on Android

The process of downloading the messenger on the Android operating system is not much different. However, there are certain requirements for the device.

Reliable source (official website, Google Play Market);
Generation 2.3.3 operating system. and above (i.e. those that will be published later);
Smartphones Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony, Lenovo, Motorolla, Meizu.

For Android devices, the installation steps are carried out in the following order:

Go to the Google Market Store.
Search the search bar (this is faster) WhatsApp.
Activate download and installation.
Start software.
Enter personal data (place, numbers, name).
Pass the confirmation by SMS with a digital cipher.
Confirm the number and start the messenger.

The software is ready for communication. You can instantly send a notification of joining the communicators to your friends and acquaintances. However, in order for the profile to be recognizable, it is better to set it up in advance by uploading a photo and name.

WhatsApp on Windows

Nokia smartphones run on Windows, so a slightly different method of installing Messenger works for them.

How to Connect Vatsap to Your Phone for Free – Steps:

Make sure that the operating system of the device is not before the generation of Windows Phone 8.1 (from 8.1).
Go to the official Microsoft Store on your smartphone.
Finding and downloading software.
Start, register.
Confirm the confirmation by SMS.
Connect and start chatting.

The steps to set up an account are the same as for other operating systems as they are done through the Messenger menu.

WhatsApp to the computer

It is entirely possible to use a computer to communicate in a messenger. To do this, you need to use a separate version of Messenger and install it on your PC.


A valid smartphone account;
Mobile traffic or wireless connection;
A valid phone number;
The version of Messenger on the phone is new.
The PC is running Windows 8, 10, Mac (all others are not supported).

Step-by-step instructions:

Visit the official WhatsApp website.
In the search bar, set the command – download WhatsApp to your computer.
Select the operating system (bit).
Follow the link and save the package on your PC.
Open the data and start the installation.
After the installation wizard, go to the page with the QR code.
Start Messenger on your smartphone.
Go to Settings (upper right aisle or three dots).
Open the WhatsApp web section.
Point to the code when starting the camera and authorize the computer on the account.
The system enters the page of an existing account.
Start communication.

After downloading and installing Vatsap on your phone or computer, it is safe to start communicating safely. However, it is better to save these instructions for quick access, to quickly reinstall the software or to help a friend install it.

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