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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your HOW CAN I READ SOMEONE’S CORRESPONDENCE IN WATSAP?


How to read other people’s news Whatsapp A large number of different people are interested in using this program on their smartphones for free transfer of texts, images and media files that still have the largest audience. With the application you can also make calls to different countries without a monthly fee. Among all citizens interested in this issue, the most common are caring parents of teenagers and newlyweds jealous spouses, as the program is mainly used by young people.

There are three common ways to read information other than your own. The first option uses spyware. They can be obtained on the Internet. The selected system is installed on the mobile device of the person to be monitored. The program collects all necessary information and archives it. Then the data is sent to the server. With them, you can get acquainted with any device that has a connection to the network.

Where can I find and view the archive in the WhatsApp application?

How to read other people’s various messages on WhatsApp in other ways?

The most effective option is to use a computer browser. To implement this method, you’ll need to have a PC running Chrome and someone else’s phone on hand.

After that you will need:

Open a page in a browser at
Start a messenger on someone else’s smartphone.
open “Chats”, go to the menu and activate “WhatsApp Web“;
Let’s visit a mobile device on a field with a barcode that is displayed on the PC screen.

After that, a window opens on the computer in which the user can see the correspondence. Despite the simplicity of this method, the tracked participant’s device must always be connected to the internet. In addition, a person can find out at any time that they are being watched.

Transferring WhatsApp contacts and messages to another device

There is another way to access non-personally identifiable information – sending it by email.

It can be used on all devices. First of all, you need to get access to someone else’s smartphone. Then the chat of interest is selected in the appropriate section. Then, depending on the brand of gadget, you need to click on “Send by email” in the menu. Also, in the window that opens to send correspondence, you need to enter your email address and send the information.

Whenever you are wondering how to read other people’s messages on WhatsApp, you must always remember that such activity is primarily unethical. In addition, for these actions you can be fined or even sent to the correctional facility.


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