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In the most popular messengers, calls are now available via WhatsApp. This feature allows you to contact your friends, colleagues and various relatives anywhere connected to the network for free. At the same time, users may only have to pay for internet traffic. But even in such a situation, there is an opportunity to save money by using the data save function.

To enable this option, you must:

Go to Settings “;
Go to the Chats and Calls section.
Check the box next to “Data Storage”.

Log in to the Watsap application from a computer online

These actions are relevant for the switched on phone Android. To call another participant on such a smartphone, you need to visit the “Calls” section. Here the person can see all outgoing, incoming or unanswered calls. A call can be made directly from this section. It is also possible to do this from the list in which “Chats” are displayed. To do this, press the key with the handset. In addition, the conversation partner can be called for voice communication in the “Contacts” area.

How do I make calls on WhatsApp with the iPhone?

If a person has a mobile device with iOS, they can make a call:

Go to Contacts, select the participant you want and then press the handset button next to their number.
Visit the section that says Chats and tap the Phone Button.
Go to the Recently Used section. Here you need to select a previously made or missed call.

WhatsApp – how to spell the name correctly

In addition, the owners iPhone I would also like to know how to make economical phone calls using WhatsApp. To do this, go to “Chats” in the gadget settings. In the list that appears, check the option to save data at the very end.


The ones that have recently installed WhatsApp program On your device, it is perfectly reasonable to wonder how to call your friend using WhatsApp. Nothing complicated about it now. In addition, this can also be done in several ways.

How can you call someone in Watsap?

To be able to make a call in Vatsap you need:

Download the WhatsApp program on your device;
Select the tab “Calls“;
Press the screen button in the shape of a handset with the shield A plus;;
From the list that opens, select the subscriber with whom you would like to make a call.
If you click on the handset icon, a voice call is made.
If there is a stylized image next to a video camera, the call is accompanied by a video call.

If there is no way you can find the party you want, you can also do the same in the Calls section. All you have to do is click on the button in the form of a magnifying glass and enter either the telephone number of the called party or their name.

You can also call from chat. To do this, in SMS mode it is enough to click directly on the icon in the form of a telephone receiver. It’s definitely worth noting that all calls made from one WhatsApp to another WhatsApp are absolutely free. And it doesn’t matter which country or city the call is made to. This applies to both voice and video calls. Of course, in order to be able to make a video call, a camera must be working on the phone.

Advantages of Watsap and its main features

With WhatsApp you can not only make calls for free, but also communicate using standard correspondence. You can attach messages and emoticons to messages sticker, just taken photo or photo from gallery. You can even send a short video clip. Or indicate your location on the map – and send it to your friends.

If Vatsap’s standard functions are not enough, you can download various third-party modifications. As a result, the possibilities will really expand. For example, you can upload larger videos. Or more pictures. However, such mods are installed by the user at their own risk and peril and are not officially endorsed in any way.

Knowing how to call Watsap can greatly expand your communication capabilities in every way in this wonderful program.


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