Hidden Mickey

Hidden Mickey

What is a Hidden Mickey?

An example of what a hidden Mickey looks like is located in the eye of the Ostrich above.

A hidden Mickey is an image used to represent Mickey Mouse that is intentionally put into an attraction, location, or anything else Disney… to refer to Mickey Mouse.   The history of a hidden Mickey varies, however the census takes its origin to the building of Epcot.

Supposedly corporate Disney wanted to keep Epcot an adult park, dismissing the notion of having Disney characters and images in the park. Hearing this, Imaginers and construction workers started putting “Classic Mickey” images subtly into every area of the park... their way of objecting to the decision. The outcry from guests as well as the media had Disney reverse their intentions….and the rest is history.

Today, hidden Mickeys are found in every Disney theme park worldwide as well as films, resorts and anything with the Disney name on it. Guests have a hidden mickey game wherbye they search in their resort to find as many Mickey's they can!

What does it look like?

Hidden Mickey's usually comes in one of two forms, but there can be more.
Hidden mickey
The most common Hidden Mickey is a formation of three circles that may be perceived as the silhouette of the head and ears of Mickey Mouse, often referred to as the "Classic Mickey." The image does not have to be perfectly shaped as the image may conform to the surrounding detail of the area.

These are the most common Mickey's... and can be recognized quickly.

Mickey Silloette The second is a profile Mickey. This is a little harder to find and not as widely spread, but they are out there! This a side silhouette or profile of mickey. It can be of the head, head and shoulders or even the entire mickey shape.

How can you tell what’s a Hidden Mickey?

A true Hidden Mickey is one that is not meant to be seen immediately, and is placed on purpose by Disney. Once noticed, the intentional purpose to symbolize Mickey Mouse is obvious.

When the shape of Mickey Mouse is used as an obvious part of a design, such as Mickey ears on the top of the Hollywood Studios water tower, it is considered decorative, and was used intentionally to describe Mickey. Therefore, this is not a hidden Mickey!

Additionally, formations of three circles have been spotted in trees, balloons, animals and everything in between. These are not considered hidden Mickey's as they are not distinguishable and not purposely put there by Disney. Also, cast members have made their own hidden Mickey's in certain areas of the parks. These are not true hidden Mickey's as they were not intentionally put there to be part of the attraction. The best general rule is: "Not associated and put there by Disney, not a Hidden Mickey."

Where can I find Hidden Mickeys?
Everywhere! Disney Imagineers have put hidden Mickeys in probably every theme park and attraction that we know of. New hidden Mickey’s are found every day in Disney theme parks, Disney water parks, Disney Cruise lines, movies, rides, magazines and just about everything Disney.

The Barnstormer Billboard •Located at the New Fantasyland, this hidden Mickey is in the propeller of the plane on the advertising banner for the Great Goofini!
Click the image to see a larger version!

Look in the Resorts!

Compared to the attractions at Disney World, the resorts hold a huge amount of hidden Mickey's! Walk around the lobby's and outside areas; Disney Imagineers have hidden them in the most obvious, and out of the way places! This is a fun way to spend some of those rainy days! There ars also hidden mickey books that's available to help in your search efforts!

WDWHELP Insider: Hidden Mickey's are so popular, cast members are briefed on where they can be found in the parks.

Just remember, if it's a piece of Disney property, there could be a hidden Mickey on it!