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GIFs for Watsap are a great way to express emotions and convey feelings that are difficult to describe in phrases. And with the help of gifs you can improve the mood of you and your friend.

What are GIFs for WhatsApp?

Gifs are graphic images that are animated and recorded in the format .gif. They have been known for a long time, ever since the internet just conquered the world and became popular with people. In addition, most of the graphics at the time were built precisely on gifs. If the user doesn’t know how to send a GIF to WhatsApp, just select the “Append“And send a picture from the gallery. Currently, they are entertaining images that users share with each other.

GIFs for WhatsApp are a great way to diversify communication and add a good mood to the dialogue

Where to get funny GIFs for WhatsApp

You can find tons of different cool gifs for messenger for all occasions on various web resources. Among the gifs, popular ones are those devoted to each holiday. Or grouped according to films, cartoon characters and other criteria. How do I insert a GIF? First you need to find gifs of expressions of emotions:

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Playfulness and others that truly reflect every state of mind.

The weight of gifs is very light, so even with a slow network connection, they can be downloaded quickly to a personal device (iPhone and others). They are simply put in the gallery and then sent via the messenger.

Sending a gif to WhatsApp is not difficult. And even a beginner can handle it. It is important to note that the developers are ready to implement support for GIF animation from the services. “tenor“And”GiphyA GIF search function will also be displayed. GIFs for WhatsApp can be downloaded for free from various popular entertainment sites

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In the near future this opportunity will come, you just have to follow the updates of the popular platform. The additional functions also have their advantages. Because of this announcement, the developers announced that they no longer need to support WhatsApp in older operating systems.

Some users are considering how to make a GIF by themselves. You can use special services or programs to cut and loop fragments from the video.


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