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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your GB WHATSAPP FREE DOWNLOAD OF THE LATEST VERSION


Besides the fact that the GB WhatsApp utility gives users the ability to be online to communicate via correspondence, voice and video messages from two different cell phone numbers, the program also gives the user the right to hide their online presence .

Download to your phone

As you can see, from a functional point of view, the program has a fairly wide range of features. You can download GB Vatsap for free from the GBmod website.

Attention! It should be noted that the utility is not available free of charge to download and then install from the online store for Android Google Play or the Apple Store AppStore

However, this fact in no way prevents the user from using his browser’s search engine and finding an application to download it and enjoy its functionality.

To download the application on your phone you will need to:

Start a standard browser or an installed browser on the phone.

Open a new tab.

Find the browser search bar at the top of the open page.
Enter the name of the application in the line.
Click the Search button.

Follow the first or second link given by the search engine.
Find the button “Download“or”Download», Which can be found next to the description of the application or directly with the program icon itself on the website.

Download WhatsApp Sniffer

Install the application

After the application is downloaded in Russian, you need to install it on your mobile phone. To implement the specified action, you should:

Run the installer previously downloaded following the instructions above.

Wait for the automatic installation.

After installing the utility, you will need to run it and enter your cell phone number in order for the account to sync for further interaction with the new application.

Attention! Usually the order of the download and installation does not depend on the mobile device on which these actions are performed. The only thing iPhone owners may need is to jailbreak their device if GB Vatsap is not freely available on the AppStore, or to use the account of a friend in the online store who has already downloaded this application

Download and install it on a PC or laptop

The principle of downloading a utility to a computer is essentially no different from downloading it to a smartphone. The only difference is that the program for the computer is called GB Whatsapp Plus, or in other words APK version.

To download it to a PC or laptop you should:

Open the user’s browser (this can be Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.).

Find your browser’s search bar.
Enter the application name “GB WhatsApp“or”GB WhatsApp“.

Important! Not only can you enter the name of the application, but also the site from which the program will be downloaded, ie: “gbmod”
Open one of the first links that appears on the page.
Find the button to download the app.
Send audio to WhatsApp – sending method

This is followed by exactly the same automatic installation that was previously described when installing the program on a smartphone.

After installing the utility, you will need to log into your account and synchronize two devices (PC and smartphone) if both require logging into the same account. To sync, go to the official Watsap page and scan the barcode with the phone’s video camera located in the top left of the application page.

Note! If the user is having trouble downloading or installing it, it is important to check that the device has the latest version of the operating system installed. If a new version of the operating system is installed, you should check the version of the downloaded application yourself. It may well be that the user is downloading a long-outdated change to the utility that, for one reason or another, is not supported by the gadget it is being downloaded to.

Those who want to significantly expand the capabilities of their standard Messenger WhatsApp, You can download the latest version of GB WhatsApp and take full advantage of this module. Fortunately, this can be done for free.

What is GB WhatsApp

Many add-ons have already been developed for the world-famous messenger Watsapp, which somehow extend the traditional functions of this program on a mobile phone. Some of them are supported on a very official level. Other users download at their own risk.

One of the third party modules available for download on Android is the GB WhatsApp add-on. It is perhaps one of the most sought-after in the world today.

Where can I download and how do I install GB WhatsApp?

You can get the coveted module for Watsap just like in a store Google play, and on numerous third-party websites on the Internet. Fortunately, there are many of them today. As mentioned before, the download is completely free. And there is nothing special about the process itself: everything is pretty traditional for an Android user.

Download the latest version of GB WhatsApp

Usually the installation also takes place in normal mode. The module checks whether the messenger itself is installed. Actually, it makes little sense to download the add-on without it. The second installation method is recommended if it did not work at all or did not work properly.

First of all, you need to copy all of the message history and the most important files received during the correspondence. Then remove the original WhatsApp messenger and launch the GB WhatsApp add-on for installation.

Now you can restore the correspondence history – and use the module like the most popular WhatsApp, only now with advanced functions. You can even try connecting a second profile for the account. However, all of the possibilities of this wonderful supplement are discussed below.

Features of the GB WhatsApp module

First, GB WhatsApp is known for letting you start two messenger sessions on one device at the same time. Maybe someone is interested.

In addition, each user can:

Hide the moment of your appearance on the web.
Change privacy settings;
Watch video clips “on the go” without downloading them;
Upload video clips up to 30MB instead of the standard 16MB.
and also send 30 pictures at once, not 10;
Write text messages with a length of 250 characters.
GB WhatsApp group owners can view detailed statistics.
You can also change the application icon on the smartphone display.

In the latest GB versions WhatsApp for Android Support for working in older versions of this mobile operating system has been indicated. Now the module can also be used by installers Android 2.3. In a word, you can strongly recommend everyone to download the module on their smartphone, which will expand their communication skills.


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