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WhatsApp processes billions of videos, clips and pictures every day. Since the chats are constantly updated with new posts, the rules of the messenger make demands on videos and clips. Let’s take a closer look at what video format is supported for Vatsap.

File formats

File format in Watsap

The messenger supports most of the popular video extensions. These include:

Compress: from MPEG to HD;;
File extensions in media bases of different developers: AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, 3GP;;
Network: SWF, RA, RAM, RM.

With such a wide variety of parameters, you can handle videos from different sources. This means that if the person you are talking to has an “iPhone” and you have a smartphone with the “Android” operating system, Problems with playback in “WhatsApp” will not.

Parameter restrictions

There are several other media parameters that, if violated, can cause problems loading or saving content. These restrictions include:

Duration should not exceed 1.5 minutes;;
the size of the file sent once – no more than 16 Mb;;
If your device doesn’t have enough space to send or receive media, you won’t be able to view, save, or share it in your newsfeed.
Subject to the above requirements, there are no particular difficulties in sharing content

Convert media

There are situations when a smartphone has a little-known operating system that is compatible with a limited number of formats. In this case, conversion programs are useful.

You convert one format to another in seconds, and the media is ready to be viewed and shared.

The list of popular and proven “converters” includes:

ocom (all types); (all types);
Any video converter (Windows, macOS);
CloudConvert (Web, iOS);
Video converter (“Android”).

Now, almost as an advanced user, you know what format WhatsApp supports and what to do if it turns out to be incompatible.


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