Features of downloading WhatsApp for Android tablets

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WhatsApp for Android tablet – download functions

Previous publications described how to install this messenger for the phone and other devices. Now we are going to show you how to download the latest version of WhatsApp on a tablet equipped with an Android operating system. If the hardware part of the tablet contains a GSM module, the process is absolutely identical regardless of the Android version included in the device. The SIM card must be inserted into the corresponding slot of the device by restarting. The next step is to click the download button on our website. You will be redirected to the Google Play Store for Android applications on the program page that has the latest version of WhatsApp. You can download the Messenger absolutely free and safely here:

Download WhatsApp for Android Tablet

If the Android tablet supports work with SIM cards, the “Install” button is available after calling up the program page. The presence of a GSM module is a fundamental factor. If it is not there, WhatsApp cannot be downloaded directly. The message “Your device is not supported” appears on the WhatsApp page. The program can only be downloaded by downloading the latest version of the installation file. The ability to download files from unknown sources must be enabled through the tablet settings. We will describe the installation process for such devices in more detail later.

Installation on the GSM version of the tablet

Consider installing the latest version of WhatsApp for a tablet that supports SIM cards for free. After going to the program page from Google Play, you need to click the “Install” button to start the WhatsApp free download. If the device language is Russian, the Russian version of Messenger will be downloaded. Initially, Watsap asks permission to manage storage, accounts, hardware, messages and tablet system tools. You have to press the “Accept” button.

Next, WhatsApp will be downloaded. The downloaded megabytes display is available at the top of the screen. Once the download is complete, the app installation will appear.

The user has access to the “Delete” and “Open” buttons. Let’s do the first download of the program. The app asks you to accept the privacy policy and terms of use. There is no alternative – there is just one button – “Accept and Proceed”.

The next screen is a confirmation of the phone number that the user must enter. WhatsApp then sends a six-digit access code. When you finally confirm the number, you need to keep in mind that the change is not possible. On the next page you can enter the received access code.

The next step is to set a username that will serve as an identifier on the WhatsApp network. If you’d like to post a profile photo, you can do so here by uploading an existing one or creating a new one. The next screen shows the process of initializing the application.

Ready to go

WhatsApp is then ready to use. The system shows how many members of your contact list are using Messenger. Now you have access to free video chat and text chat. Similar to social networks, it is also possible to set statuses that contain photos, videos and text and that automatically disappear after 24 hours.

Congratulations, the installation is complete. The latest version of Messenger for Android is automatically updated without your participation and replaces the existing one. As you can see, downloading WhatsApp on your tablet is very easy. Customization is also straightforward. The ease of use of the Android system is one of the main factors behind its popularity.

Maintain free communication with WhatsApp for Android tablet. You can call friends, family, and co-workers around the world. Use free text and video chat for communication. Send photos and video files to relatives. Let yourself be served by the latest high-tech technologies.

Features of downloading WhatsApp for Android tablets

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