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Disney's Grand Floridan Resort and Spa

Disney Vacation Club is a vacation ownership program that's flexible and a cost-effective way for you and your family to see not only Disney destinations, but destinations worldwide. The resort locations grow and change every year so there’s always something new to look forward too.

WDW Help DVC: DVC Resale or Disney Vacation Club resellers are located all over the web. Be careful if you buy DVC Points from someone outside of Disney. You will loses certain benefits from the original contract Disney Sells!

Founded in 1991 Disney Vacation has over 500 getaway destinations in almost every area of Keystone Resort Coloradothe world. At that time the club revolutionized the time share industry by designing a program that allowed their members to choose, when, where and how long they’d like to vacation.

Other time share areas have you locked into a week, or if you can switch weeks, you still have to take a full 7 day vacation.

With the DVC you can go when you want and for how long. An example would be you go away for 1 day and 3 weeks later you want a weekend away. Three months later you want to take the family away for a week.

No problem! That’s what’s so great about the DVC. You decide, no one else!

You Decide:

  • Where to vacation with hundreds of choices world wide.
  • How often you vacation
  • When to vacation, and how long to stay
  • The accommodations that fit your family. Choose a studio that sleeps 4  or a grand villa that sleeps 12. The choice is yours.

With the DVC plan, you will save up to 70% on future vacations.

How do points work?

When you buy points you are buying an interest in a Disney vacation owned resort. You areHawaii allocated a certain amount of points, each year, which you can use to reserve accommodations at the resort of your choice. With each year’s allotment of points you can take one vacation, or multiple vacations, it’s up to you.

How many points can I buy?

Currently, there is a minimum of 160 vacation points when you first join the club. After you can add on as many points as you want starting at 50 additional points. As your needs change, so can your points. You are never fixed at a certain amount of points, it’s your choosing.

Buying additional points

At the DVC you will always have the ability to buy more interest in the Disney Vacation Club. Additional points start at 50 points, and additional points can be added thereafter.

How many points does it take to reserve an accommodation?

Because of the wide variety of locations available, the points used vary. You will use more points for weekends and prime seasons, and use less for weekdays and off seasons. You would also use more points for a room that sleeps twelve, and less for a room that sleeps four. The points from each vacation area are given to you each year or can easily be found on-line.

Banking & Borrowing Points

PeruYou can bank your points, if you don't have quite enough points for this year, or just store them for future use. Also, If your vacation needs requires more points then you have; you can borrow from next year’s points, so you can use them this year.

What do the points cost?

Currently the points are at $145 a point for the newest resort; however the points can be less at other resorts. Previous owners of the DVC also sell their points at a reduced value through resale agents on the web.
When purchasing through the Disney Vacation Club, financing can be arranged over a, three, five, seven and ten year plan.

This is confusing, where do I go for help?

Being a vacation club member allows you concierge service when planning your trip. A Disney representative will explain and walk you through your vacation club experience, so you will know exactly the ins and outs of your vacation.

Do I get any other benefits?

Membership Discounts & Savings
Some of the other benefits DVC members get are:

  • Save on select dining at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort
  • Enjoy discounts on spa treatments, waters ports rentals and more
  • Get golf membership discounts at Walt Disney World Resort
  • Save on select merchandise and Theme Park tours
  • Save on select Theme Park Annual Passes

Member Services at Disney Vacation Club
For your convenience, a dedicated team of courteous and knowledgeable Disney Cast Members is available to assist you with your vacation planning. For example, Member Services can help you choose a family reunion destination or book reservations for a birthday-dinner celebration.
Member Publications
As a Member, you receive several publications to keep informed on all things Disney Vacation Club. Get the latest news and previews of Disney events and attractions. Enjoy backstage sneak peeks and receive regular Member updates.