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WhatsApp for Symbian is available for official download. Symbian is an operating system for mobile platforms. It supports a lot of great apps including WhatsApp.

Functions of WhatsApp in Symbian

After downloading WhatsApp for Symbian, you can use all the features of this wonderful messenger absolutely for free:

Exchange text messages in real time;
Exchange pictures and audio and video files;
Exchange PDF files;
Switch skins. In addition, you can change topics for each individual chat.
Create both one-on-one and group chats.
Use a transparent, simple interface.
Be in constant touch with your friends.

The application itself works on 3G, GPRS networks, as well as Wi-Fi locations. In this case only the internet connection will be charged. The mobile operators themselves do not receive a cent for sending SMS messages via WhatsApp.

However, a message can only be transmitted if:

the presence of an internet connection;
if WhatsApp is also installed on the other party’s phone.

It remains to be seen whether this application can be seen as a complete replacement for traditional SMS.

Not just Android

Nowadays the vast majority of smartphones and tablets are based on the Android operating system. However, some devices also have the still popular Symbian system. This is especially true for Nokia devices. The developers wanted to make their creation cross-platform so that the Messenger supports as many operating systems and platforms as possible. So Nokia owners can enjoy all the joys of the application on an equal footing with Android users. execution WhatsApp for Android, Of course not compatible with Symbian. So you need to download and install the special version.

Where can I download WhatsApp for Symbian?

You can download WhatsApp for Symbian from the application’s official website at the following address: There you can also familiarize yourself with the phone models that support Watsap. However, this can be done on many third party websites. Note, however, that you need to be careful when using these resources: instead of the coveted application, there is a risk of malware being installed on the device that is not that easy to remove.


One of the popular and necessary applications that are in demand around the world and that solve certain tasks is one Whatsapp. It can be said with almost complete confidence that you have heard of this messenger. It is used by the owners of different models of phone regardless of the operating system. Perhaps you thought that it could only be installed if the device is equipped with the popular Android, iOS or maybe BlackBerry, Bada or Windows Phone 8, just ignoring the previous seventh version, but you can also use WhatsApp for Symbian free download.

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Symbian

We can say that the program is cross-platform, meaning that the developers made sure that it works for a wide variety of operating systems. Thus, communication can be carried out with almost all smartphone owners around the world, and all of this is literally free.

The popular WhatsApp messenger is available for Symbian

So if your smartphone is based on Symbian, then the famous messenger program is at your disposal. The main advantage of the application is that instant messages can be exchanged without paying for the services provided by the operator for sending SMS.

How WhatsApp works on Nokia Symbian phones

Most of today’s users have already had the opportunity to take advantage of the features of such applications. This is not new. So, for such a person, there will be absolutely no problem understanding the principle of operation of this program. The application connects to the internet. You can exchange messages with any user who has hired themselves Whatsapp. Knowing that this is a cross-platform program, it becomes clear that communication can take place with the owners of most smartphones who work simultaneously on the basis of different operating systems. It is now possible to install and Download WhatsApp on the computer, with an additional program.

Using WhatsApp for Symbian free, You can create your own contact groups, each with its own style. Among the features that modern users appreciate, we can highlight the ability to send not only text, but also images, video files and snapshots that are captured through the program interface without having to interrupt the conversation. In addition, communication between two interlocutors can take place in the form of a dialogue, and you can invite more friends by selecting conference calls and create several such “rooms”, each of which has its own number of interlocutors. So all you have to do is download WhatsApp for Symbian to enjoy truly endless communication options.

The developers have taken care of creating a simple user interface without forgetting about style and convenience. The design can be changed or reconfigured at the request of the owner. In addition, the extremely high user appreciation was received due to the lack of advertising in absolutely all elements of the Messenger. That means, no banner or popup window distracts from the communication.

In addition, the creators catered for the needs of modern humans and provided opportunities for behavior video conferenceWhatsApp for Symbian has everything for the most active and convenient communication with friends, relatives, relatives, colleagues. High productivity and enjoyment of the process are guaranteed!

If you want to install WhatsApp for phone calls other models can be selected on our website. You can change the status based on your mood and plans. Work by connecting to the internet, using 3G / GPRS / Wi-Fi, The program is most profitable for those who have an unlimited plan. In a home network, you can completely forget about the waste of communication, especially if the choice is made in favor of correspondence. After testing the program on several modern Nokia models, we can say that this is an excellent messenger with a user-friendly interface, with absolutely no problems using all of its functions, even if a person is using such an application for the first time Times used.


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