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If you want to use a free Internet connection in Messenger Whatsapp, but not enough features – there is a solution to add functionality to the application and service.

WhatsApp Plus is a plug-in or expansion module for the WhatsApp application that gives you the following additional features:

Send larger files.

The limit for sending SMS and the duration of phone calls increases.
Advanced options for personalizing the user profile.
Improved options for publishing.
Hide contacts, profile pictures, and other new account security and privacy features.

The WhatsApp Plus app is available in different versions and therefore the range of functions can vary greatly. The functions of WhatsApp Plus for different smartphone models are also different. But there is also online version Applications – WhatsApp WEB.

How can I download WhatsApp Plus for my phone?

Before downloading Vatsap Plus on the website, carefully read the specifications and system requirements and compare them with the operating system of your smartphone. In addition – choose the latest version of WhatsApp Plus – there are more options. You can download Vatsap Plus for free in the same way as the program itself. WhatsApp Plus add-ins are developed by various programmers and may have incompatibility issues with the smartphone firmware.

WhatsApp Plus download for Android you can for free shortcut

After all, mobile device manufacturers do not adhere particularly to global standardization, and different versions of operating systems are created for each model. Vatsap plus can be downloaded free of charge from the messenger interface. Find the WhatsApp Plus menu item in the settings and you will get the optimal version of the extension to install.

Unfortunately, this feature is not available on all smartphones supported by the WhatsApp service. Some devices require you to download the WhatsApp Plus installer in APK format or some other format appropriate in a specific case.


Whatsapp plus Is an unofficial add-on for the world famous WhatsApp messenger from third party developers. Since most of the WhatsApp source code is open source, such plugins and add-ons can be developed.

WhatsApp plus This option allows you not only to optimize the application “for yourself”, but also to perform a number of other actions that are not available in the basic version:

Change topics. So far this has only been allowed by Viber, a direct competitor of Wotsap.
Transfer files that are larger than in the “original” WhatsApp;
Transfer almost any file, not just video, audio, or graphics. As in the previous case, the participant on the other side also has to do this Download Vatsap Plus;;
with established Watsap plus The duration of voice calls and the limit for SMS messages are increased.
There is the possibility of additional registration of messages.
You can hide the time of your last visit and even the current status.
Standard emoticons will be replaced by others – depending on the version of Vatsap Plus.
You cannot send the entire message for quotation, only part of it, highlighting only what to send.
You can hide contacts and your profile photo, and take some other actions to keep your account safe.

Features of Watsapp Plus

Vatsap Plus Free Download – That’s half the battle. There is a possibility that the add-in will not start at all or not work as expected. The functionality may vary depending on the version of Vatsap plus. Additionally, the add-on may not work as expected on a particular device. The fact is that it was developed by third-party programmers and therefore has no official support.

The functions of Vatsap plus can differ not only depending on the version, but also depending on the device model.

How to download WhatsApp plus for free

Whatsapp plus Download It’s possible on third-party resources and it’s completely free. To do this, just go to Google or any other search engine. However, all you need to do is use trusted and trusted resources to download. Otherwise, instead of the coveted Messenger, there is a huge risk of installing malware with your own hands that will root the device – and in this case it will be oh how difficult …

Before Install WhatsApp Plus, You need to back up all of your contacts and chats just in case. In case something goes wrong, you can always reinstall Messenger and quickly restore both chats and contacts. The add-on downloads quickly and installation is not difficult even for a beginner. However, as mentioned earlier, difficulties can arise when a certain Assembly WhatsApp plus Incompatible with the device model. In this case, you need to look for a compatible version.

Download Whatsap Plus

After WhatsApp Plus is installed, you need to launch it and select the PLUS option from the Messenger menu. Depending on Versions of WhatsApp Plus, Some additional functions will be available. For the full assembly specification, see the site from which the add-in was downloaded. If WhatsApp Plus does not install, you need to check if third party apps are allowed to be installed on your device. Whatsapp plus can be a really useful add-on that greatly expands the capabilities of this already excellent messenger.


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