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Follow our easy instruction and install the official version of WhatsApp on your Download WhatsApp on your phone

Download WhatsApp on your phone

There are many ways that you can download WhatsApp to your phone for free. All of them are pretty simple and only differ in the number of steps you need to take to get what you want. Everything can be done in just two or three minutes, and then enjoy communicating with loved ones or friends all over the world for a long time by making free video calls and sending free messages. For a quick download of WhatsApp, all you have to do is click the button below:

Download WhatsApp for Android
Download WhatsApp for Iphone

We will also make you aware, step by step, of installing the WhatsApp application on any phone, regardless of the model.

install WhatsApp for free

Where to find and how to download

In this case, if you know the address of the program’s official website, you can simply type the name in the browser and immediately go to the program’s download page, which you can download for free.

If you don’t remember the address of this page, it doesn’t matter. Google or any other browser is known to know everything. Type in any of the phrases containing the word watsap in the search engine and you will get lots of links to download this application. Also, one of the first is the address of the product’s official website, which has a redirect to the latest version of Watsap available. The version available will be in the language of the country indicated in the settings of your device (since we are writing the text in Russian and for the Russian-speaking audience, the vast majority of users will be looking for the Russian version of the program).

Download WhatsApp on your phone

Next, you need to follow the site link and you will be directed to a page from which you can download the official version of WhatsApp on your phone. Here is a list of devices and operating systems supported by the program, namely:

Android (for all phones and tablets with this operating system);
iPhone (IOS operating system);
Windows Phone.

If you select your option and click on it, you will be able to download WhatsApp from the internet.

You can also download the apk file on your PC and upload it to your phone via cables or wireless devices.

Download WhatsApp APK

To download the file for Android devices, you will be directed to the Google Play page. To be able to download the installation for free here, you need a Google account. Likewise for the iPhone, you will be redirected to the AppStore to download the application. Accordingly, the installation program for Windows Phone is available in the Windows Store.

Install Watsap from Play Market, Windows App Store

Once installed, you need to connect WhatsApp to the device following a simple user identification process. To do this, you must enter your login (telephone number) and confirm the registration by SMS.

When we talk about the download terms, the advantage of the official developer site is that WhatsApp can be downloaded without registration and those who want to save money don’t have to worry because the WhatsApp application comes absolutely free. You will always be using the new version of WhatsApp and the update will be carried out unnoticed, i.e. automatically, on your device. Provided, of course, that you have set up automatic software updates on your smartphone.

How not to be wrong

Therefore, the installation archive must first be downloaded from a site that you trust. In addition, you should be informed as much as possible about the program (version, release date, compatibility). It is desirable to indicate what is new in the latest update and how it differs from the previous ones. In addition, under no circumstances should the site ask for your personal information – bank card number, mobile phone number, identification code and others.

In our opinion, the choice is obvious: you need to download Watsap from a source you trust, nothing more. Always stay connected with WhatsApp!


Some of your friends told you about WhatsApp free messenger and you decided it was time for you to join a friendly family. And really – it’s enough to give insatiable cellular operators your hard-earned cash. And we ourselves will find the money that has been saved on mobile communications, for what we can spend with benefit and pleasure. All you have to do is download WhatsApp to your phone and register with the service. How can you do that? The question is which phone model you have and which operating system your smartphone runs on.

How do I download WhatsApp on your phone?

If you have one of the latest Android devices, no problem. Open the Google Play Store and use the search function to access WhatsApp:

Click the Install button.
If your phone is qualified for WhatsApp in terms of its software and hardware resources, you will be asked to read the terms and conditions and agree to access your personal information and your phonebook, the internet and the applications on your device.
If you agree, click OK and the process has started.

No registration or system settings are required! WhatsApp does everything itself and registers you in the system using the telephone number and scans the contact list on the device. Everything is ready for immediate use. Your friends who referred to this service will show up in the interface, and you will know everything about them, who is doing what and in what mood.

WhatsApp status on the phone

How is it in what mood? The fact is that the Vatsap service supports the status option and any user can write a few words about what they are feeling and thinking right now. This is known as user status – you yourself let everyone else know about your mood. For example – “Free and waiting for a call.” Or like this: “Terrible once, call back at lunchtime.”

A whole industry of this status was created on the Internet. And if you’re not in the mood to invent something yourself, a list of pre-made statuses for WhatsApp is available for every occasion.

Official WhatsApp website

If you couldn’t download Vatsap to your phone from the Google Play Store because you didn’t have it, don’t despair. There is a WhatsApp website and you can get an application for your phone model for free there too. Incidentally, the WhatsApp server’s credo is free. And you will never see ads in the application. So the founding fathers of WhatsApp decided.

The application was created for your convenience. So that you no longer spend money on cellular communications and at the same time you can always know for sure whether your friends are available or for communication. And if it is better not to disturb them. Really useful options. For example, you urgently need to take a hundred or two rubles before Monday. No need to waste time calling all of your friends and relatives in a row.

In the Wotsap user interface, you can immediately see who you can turn to for a loan based on the status and who better not to spend energy and nerves to convince someone. Everything is immediately clear by the status. When you see who is in the access zone, there is no need to check those who are far from the phone or have the device turned off to get enough sleep. To download WhatsApp to your phone for free, visit the official website of the WhatsApp service and use the download from there or download the messenger from our website:

Download WhatsApp for Android for free
Download WhatsApp for iPhone for free
Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone for free
Download WhatsApp for Nokia for free
Download WhatsApp in APK format
This is almost the same as on Google Play. However, all you need to do is allow applications to be installed from third-party sources and tell the antivirus that WhatsApp is safe.

Free WhatsApp functions

After twelve months of free WhatsApp messenger usage, you will be asked to pay a dollar to the subscriber office. A dollar is a lot less than the internet plan, and even less than the amount you saved in a year refusing to pay for text messages and calls over a regular cellular connection.

Here’s what you get for a $ 1 subscription (from your sophomore year):

Free SMS on the Internet.
Telephone calls are also free.
The ability to share photos and videos – just like on social networks.
Cool status – like in VKontakte.
Mass chat. Do you have a lot of friends in different parts of town or across the country? Or even in different countries? Host an international conference with dozens of invitees in text or video formats. Skype is no longer needed.

Would you like to hold a debriefing and analyze how proficiently you have negotiated with partners? The WhatsApp service saves all communication history in the internal local memory of the phone or on a memory card. The advantage is that you can view the history. However, if the remote server is compromised by hackers, the bad guys won’t have access to your confidential conversations.

Download WhatsApp for Samsung
Download WhatsApp on Lumia
Download WhatsApp on the iPad
Download WhatsApp in Java

Advantages of WhatsApp Messenger for the phone

Do a simple calculation and find out how much you can save monthly with Watsap Messenger. It all depends on your communication activity:

100 rubles per month. 1200 per year. You can pay for high speed internet for a few months.
200 rubles per month. 2,400 per year. You can buy a new cell phone.

What if the connection lasts more than 300 rubles per month? In summer you can go to Turkey all inclusive.

Would you like to download Whatsapp for free on your phone? Choose the right phone model. It currently supports all popular phones on which you can install Whatsapp without any restrictions. Our portal is dedicated to the free WhatsApp program, the most popular application for all phones and smartphones.
[WPSP 1] Our website has all the existing versions of Whatsapp on the phone, which can be downloaded from the links below:

Choose your phone model for WhatsApp Messenger

Download WhatsApp for iPhoneIphone
Download WhatsApp for Nokia S40Nokia S40
Download WhatsApp for SymbianSymbian
Download WhatsApp for Windows PhoneWindows Phone
Download WhatsApp for BlackBerryblackberry

program Whatsapp Is a new and very convenient way to communicate via SMS. Thanks to this program, you can not only send text files, but also share new photos and audio recordings with friends, as well as send and receive multimedia messages. Vatsap app, runs on Android (Download WhatsApp for Android), Nokia, BlackBerry, Windows Phone.

Download WhatsApp for Computer

application WhatsApp for phone uses a program called push notification that allows messages to be delivered in seconds. The program is mainly designed for communication, the exchange of video and audio files between people with their own smartphones. The most important thing is that all messages sent are absolutely free and their cost is included in the basic cost of the Watsap program.

Download WhatsApp for Android

You just have to download Watsapp for free and install this application on your phone or mobile device based on Android. You have the option to send them within a day unlimited The number of messages that do not require payment for additional operations, such as: B. Large media files. The application only works over the internet connection and it doesn’t matter if you use it Wireless Internet access3G or EDGE. The program is very easy to use and does not take up much space on your mobile device. All you need to do is find internet access and you can communicate with friends and family quickly and easily.

Download WhatsApp for Nokia for free

WhatsApp can be downloaded to your phone without registration. After the program has been installed on your phone, it will automatically start synchronizing with the phone numbers and contacts already entered on your mobile device and then automatically combine them with the contacts that this messenger uses.

WhatsApp for the phone – what to expect from new updates

Download WhatsApp on the phone  not difficult if you know the phone model. The application was developed in 2009 by one of the companies in the state of California, the city of Santa Clara. By April 2012 the application had already sent more than 2 billion messages, and in June 2013 – 27 billion messages.

WhatsApp for Bada free download

According to the well-known publication Financia Times, the WhatsApp application will do the same with SMS messages as Skype does with international phone calls. This application must be installed for both the subscriber and the sender and by the recipient. Save your time and money, install the Watsapp application on your phone by downloading it from our website without registration and start communicating with your family and friends indefinitely. If you have any questions about installing WhatsApp, follow the instructions under “How to install WhatsApp on your phone»The step-by-step installation is described in detail here.


As one of the most popular instant messengers with several million users, the WhatsApp application for mobile devices with the Android operating system continues to be successfully used by almost everyone who purchases new devices such as smartphones and tablets. As an indispensable program for free communication, free sending of SMS and MMS texts, this application is very popular with young people who simply cannot imagine a day without communication. And conventional systems consume quite a lot of money to fulfill such a desire. In this case irreplaceable WhatsApp Messenger just undeniable.

In order for the program to work fully, you need to install WhatsApp on your phone or gadget. All you have to do is follow a few basic rules, mainly related to choosing the right download portal, and then simply follow the instructions that appear on the monitor during installation.

How to install the WhatsApp phone program using the Android example:

The process of installing this application is not difficult, it takes a minimum of time. Just need to follow some of the basics.

In order to get acquainted with the full-fledged features of WhatsApp, it is first important to go to the “correct” website, which does not require registration when downloading this application. All you need is an internet connection.
To install this program, the gadget must have 20 MB of free space. Now you have to download Whatsapp for free on your phone by choosing your model.
Each of the devices has an application such as the Play Store that will help you make the “right” choice. You have to do it.
If the program has not started yet, you will need to register an account with the introduction of a username and password in order for this application to fully operate.
This program has a magnifying glass icon that you need to click to reveal the search bar. There you have to enter the name of the program you want to download. In this case it is WhatsApp. Among the suggestions, you should choose “WhatsApp Messenger”.
Once you are on the page of this application you have to start the installation process, which in principle takes very little time but really depends on the quality and speed of the internet available.
The complete completion of the installation is duplicated by the corresponding message.
Now you have to start the application yourself by clicking on its name.
During the startup process, the monitor will ask you to enter a phone number. The entry of the number must correspond to the SIM card on this device. Since the phone’s compliance with this program needs to be confirmed, an automatic message is sent causing a request for a reply to confirm this number. A positive result activates the program.

All actions for other phone models are similar. The main thing is to choose the appropriate version of Whatsapp Messenger for your phone or the installed operating system. In fact, even a beginner, there will be no problems and questions about installing Whatsapp on a phone.

Download WhatsApp on your phone

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