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Samsung Corporation differs from some smartphone manufacturers in that it has developed its own operating system for mobile devices. Since there are a large number of fans of phones made by this company, many of them are interested in the free version of Whatsapp for Bada phones as this application is very popular with users in almost all countries. A person who has a smartphone with Bada OS cannot download Messenger from the developer’s official website. It won’t even be found on Google Play. In such a situation, of course, he’ll have a question of where he’s going Watsap, This works without any interruptions in the phone’s operating system.

In these circumstances, the user need not despair as a solution to the problem has already been found. On some websites it is possible to download a free version of Messenger especially for Bud. It is sufficient to enter the relevant search term in every browser installed on the PC. It is important to know that the program running in Bada is a modified version of the Android application.

Why was this messenger taken as the basis?

Because the Android operating system is popular in almost every country because it has free code that smartphone manufacturers can use to easily create their own versions of the operating system designed for devices manufactured on this basis. Call other versions of WhatsApp for you You can download from the link.

After downloading Whatsapp for Bada for free, the user can send not only SMS but also MMS messages. He can also talk to another participant and even communicate via video call. In general, he gets all the functions that are available when the messenger is used in other operating systems.

How do I download WhatsApp for Bud on your phone?

This process is very simple. For this you need:

Download the program you want from a computer.
Load a file with the extension “.jar” into a smartphone using a USB cable.
Restart your mobile device.
Run the downloaded file and install the program.
Download WhatsApp for Bada (APK)

All processes during the download and installation of WhatsApp for Bad phones just need to be done manually as automation is not helpful when downloading third party applications.


Use the original manager WhatsApp for Bada, The owners not only get the opportunity to communicate by sending messages for free between those who have it installed on their Samsung regardless of the type of operating system the existing device is using. This is very important, since operating system variants often restrict the ability to transfer information between one another, which particularly affects the use of basic programs. After installing this application, everything happens very quickly and easily.

Advantages and functions of WhatsApp for bada

Among the real advantages of this application, it is necessary to highlight the main one – its diffusion. Statistics show that the owners of this program are several million people today, which is very important when the messenger is used for a large number of users. In addition, the freedom of this program increasingly dominates the rest of its pros and even some cons. Real savings on SMS, MMS is a very important point especially for people who do not have a large income. This is especially true for young people, students who constantly use such communication methods with each other. The easiest way Download WhatsApp to the phone and forget about paid text messages.

Download WhatsApp for Bada Samsung from our website

At the same time opportunities Watsapp are quite extensive and are not only expressed in free messengers:

the ability to translate texts in small volumes;
Images and photos received a simplified dispatch scheme;
Transmission of an audio message for up to 2 minutes;
automatic detection of the location on the ground and the ability to send your coordinates;
The developers take care of the placement of the status.
complete synchronization of all contacts in the phone book;
An avatar can be selected as desired.
work with a whole group of owners of this proposal at the same time.

installation WhatsApp Bada 2.0 simplified to a minimum. No special skills are required here, everything is thought out to the smallest detail so that even the most inexperienced user can cope with this process himself. After downloading the program, it will start automatically. Meanwhile, you will need to enter your phone number in the window that appears. This is all that is required to activate the program, without any logins and passwords. If you can’t find your phone model, give it a try Download WhatsApp for Samsung for free on our website.

To take full advantage of this offer, you must Download WhatsApp for bada from a website that precisely offers to work with free applications, based on the terms of the contract with the developers of such programs, which ensures the absence of various registrations and SMS when downloading to your phone.


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