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The WhatsApp icon is very recognizable among those who love free messaging messengers. But even those people who were using the program at the time of its release cannot name the person who created the green background and white telephone handset.

First appearances

The watsap badge was first seen in 2009. At this point the program was created. There are now different representations of the WhatsApp symbol. Incidentally, it also has a license, like the messenger itself.

Real data cannot be found on the Internet either. Therefore, the name of the artist or webmaster remains unknown. But his logo still doesn’t count. proprietarym. Free distribution is not possible. There are several options for the free presentation. For commercial purposes it is not possible to download the icon for smartphones, tablets or PCs.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Message History to Another Phone

How to download a logo

Reception is only possible with the program itself. To do this, you need to go to the official website or find the messenger in stores like Google Play or Apstore. The operating system doesn’t matter.

It is entirely possible to get a separate icon. However, it differs in color, contrast, or performance. The latest versions of Windows have a black and white logo. It’s pretty simple and fits in a square size with each side only 32 pixels. Delivery in PNG format.

How Whatsapp works on a phone without internet

There are also options for smartphones in the form of a black background in the form of a circle and a transparent handset. There are also different color options in the same version as the download. Saving to media is an easy way to save an image.
For cross-platform messengers, there is an option to download it from a transparent icon and black border. You can open the symbol in any vector editor.


The logo itself Whatsapp belongs to quite recognizable emblems. White telephone receiver on a green background. But few know who exactly is the author of this logo.

Who Invented the WhatsApp Logo?

Exactly 8 variants of the patented Watsap logo are currently known. Each of them is used in different cases. For example, one serves as a symbol for a mobile program, another – as a logo on the website, the third – as a symbol for a computer client …

Now, of course, few people can say exactly how and who exactly designed that famous logo. Most likely, as is so often the case, the artist designed the logo in a vector graphics editor. And who exactly is its author – it is not even possible to find out about it in the depths of foreign forums.

By the way, not only the symbol requires a license, but also the name of WhatsApp. The developers specify directly how the name of their messenger should be written. In particular, it is pointed out that you cannot write: “Whats App” or like: “WhatsAp”.

With WhatsApp you can:

Sending and receiving text messages to one another;
organize private and group text chats;
Share files – Pictures, videos;
Of course you can also insert stickers and Emoticons;;
as well as free video and voice calls within the service.
And today the number of WhatsApp users has already exceeded a billion people!

It remains to add that the WhatsApp symbol is proprietary, ie no freely redistributable products. Nobody has the truth to use it for commercial purposes. Of course, you can just draw it anywhere. However, once you try to use the Watsap logo to make money, copyright issues cannot be avoided.


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