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Download WHATSAPP for Windows for free

Many smartphones are based on it. Hence, it is not a problem to find the necessary programs for such phones. Of all the applications recently, the most common is the need to download WhatsApp on Windows background. It is provided for free and is considered convenient and easy to use. This cross-platform application is a great alternative to Messenger with a green flower on the icon. Negative memories lingered about him as it took up a lot of memory space, took a long time to load, and cut people’s communication in mid-sentence.

WhatsApp program has become very popular all over the world. You can use it to quickly exchange messages with people on your contact list. With the application, the user can easily greet his friend, relative, colleague and inquire about his affairs or send him important information. In addition to text communication, a person can send various audio files, video materials and images. After that, a notification will appear on another user’s phone screen indicating the arrival of a new message.

The program is very advantageous compared to sending paid SMS. A person who installed WhatsApp will have to pay only 33 rubles to use the application from the second year.

Where can WhatsApp be downloaded and installed on Windows Phone?

WhatsApp’s developers have made sure that it can be downloaded onto your phone with ease. But the owner Smartphone Just go to the Windows Phone Store. You can also visit the official website for this. Although there are a large number of resources on the internet that offer the ability to download Whatsapp for Windows Phone without spending any money, all you need to do is trust those who are trusted providers and have proven themselves to be reliable among users.

Only on such websites does a person receive a program without intrusive advertisements. It is characterized by its high speed of operation, and no person needs to send SMS messages for Internet resources. In addition, the site administration checks the provided programs for stability. After the download is complete, which only takes a maximum of two minutes, the application is started in the gadget menu. Then you need to enter your number and confirm. Next, you need to write a name, upload an avatar and enjoy communicating with people without any restrictions. WhatsApp synchronizes independently with the phone book and shows the user which of the friends has already installed it.

Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone for free

It turned out to be very easy to download WhatsApp on Windows Phone! After that, the owner of the phone can even create a chat and communicate with several people at the same time. He also has the option of choosing a nice background. To do this, you need to visit the gallery in the application settings. He can also install the program icon on the phone’s desktop.


Smartphones have long been the main means of communication, especially when there are applications like WhatsApp. The program was developed for Windows Phone and other operating systems and enables you to communicate with friends, colleagues or relatives while staying in touch at all times.

In addition to the usual SMS, you can more profitably manage the money in your account with the program, which has already won the trust of users around the world, and send messages almost for free. You can download WhatsApp for Windows Phone for free here.

Download the official version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone from

Installation specifications:

WhatsApp Inc .: 2.11.516.0

Compatible systems ::

Windows Phone 8.1
Windows Phone eight
Windows Phone 7.5

In addition, the communication can not only be in text form, but you can send images as well as audio or video material. With this in mind, the developers made sure to download WhatsApp for Windows Phone without any problems.

The application may need an internet connection 3G / EDGE or Wireless Internet access. If, when sending SMS, it is necessary to pay the cost of services in accordance with the operator’s tariff, WhatsApp allows you to exchange text, voice messages, pictures, instant photos and videos with anyone who has the application installed on their smartphone.

WhatsApp for WindowsPhone – free communication without SMS

The authors offer favorable terms of use, in the first year you can communicate completely free of charge, then only for $ 0.99 per year. Agree SMS Much more money is spent in a year. In order to start communication, you do not need to register, only Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone, Install it and it will be bound to the phone number automatically. In addition, the application independently ensures that everyone in your contact list who has already installed the program is included in the list of subscribers.

The information will be updated as your phone directory changes and who does it new to WhatsApp. It doesn’t matter which operating system the gadget is using.

Windows store logoTo start unlimited communication with any number of interlocutors, it is enough to download WhatsApp for Windows Phone and forget about the fact that previously you had to pay a fixed cost in the form of SMS for each message for such a service. After you have downloaded the file with the application, simply install it on your device. The program is compatible with devices based on Windows Phone versions 7, 8 and 8.1.
According to the fact that the program works over the Internet, the most beneficial use is for those owners who have access to an unlimited tariff. If there is a service charge based on the amount of data received and sent, limit sending large files to save money.

The main features of the program for those who have already chosen to download WhatsApp for Windows Phone:

Messenger is cross-platform, which means it was developed for most modern operating systems.
free exchange of text messages, audio, video files, images;
Application work thanks to the Internet.
Download WhatsApp to your phone for free

Despite the fact that modern users have the opportunity to communicate on the Internet using specially designed and practical programs such as Skype, Jabber, ICQ and SMS correspondence, it does not lose its popularity. And this regardless of the fact that the cost of paying for services at the rate of a mobile operator for SMS is more expensive. In this regard, it is absolutely not surprising that WhatsApp is rapidly gaining popularity abroad, as this messaging service only needs a phone number of contacts to communicate with another subscriber and automatically adds them to your social circle. The PC version of WhatsApp is useful for all users. Download WhatsApp on your computer for free without registering.

All the features have long been used by owners of Android smartphones, but now those who have bought a device with Windows Phone and other operating systems can use it too. You can find out which of your friends already have the program installed by downloading WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8, 7, The application itself adds to the list all users that you have for contacts in your directory book.


For phones running the Microsoft operating system, the option to install the WhatsApp Messenger is also available. How do I download WhatsApp on Microsoft and correctly set up a user profile? To do this, you need to use the detailed instructions below.

Operating conditions

The Microsoft family of phones includes Windows Phone and Nokia devices.

For the messenger to work properly, you need to consider the following requirements:

The software is downloaded from a trusted source (Microsoft Store, WhatsApp official website).
The device is equipped with an operating system that is no older than the Windows Phone 8.1 generation (e.g. Nokia 430 – 1520).

A tariff plan with sufficient network traffic is activated on the SIM card, or the device can receive a radio signal.

Download the Watsap app

Subject to the above parameters, you can proceed with the download and installation.

Step-by-step guide on how to download WhatsApp for free on Microsoft phone

From the store:

Go to the Microsoft Store.
Enter the name of WhatsApp in the search bar.
Select the software and press the button – download and install.
The installation process begins with a request to accept the terms of the agreement for users.
This is followed by a registration form that you have to fill out (country, telephone number, name).
The system sends a digital verification code to the number – this must be entered on a special line and verified.
The messenger is then ready for use.

From the official site:

Start the browser and search by searching Official website of Vatsap.
In the search bar, enter the command to download the application.
Install your operating system (phone model).
Initiate download.
Pass registration and verification in the same way as installing software through a store.

Advice! It is necessary to carefully approach the design of the profile. It is better to do this before active communication begins: insert a photo or avatar, configure security and notification settings, set the background and font size. In this way, the profile of friends is recognized more quickly and using the Messenger does not take up any additional time.

So downloading WhatsApp on Microsoft is not difficult at all! The developers took care of software compatibility with Windows Phone. All you have to do is register and enjoy active communication.

Download WHATSAPP for Windows for free

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