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Download WhatsApp for tablet

You are separated from loved ones by hundreds of kilometers, seas and continents. Do you want to be closer to them, communicate as often as possible and not spend extra money? The way out of the situation is very simple – you just need to download WhatsApp to your tablet. Why exactly on him? Because there is no better device for free video calling service. A smartphone’s screen is too small, for example you can’t take a stationary computer into the kitchen … It’s easier with a laptop, of course, but it’s also bulky and weighs more than two kilograms. What remains is a tablet with a fairly large screen (usually 7 to 12 inches), light weight, and maximum ease of use.

Download WhatsApp for Tablet for free

 Where to look and how to download

When it comes to the program itself, potential users usually have a lot of simple questions: is it possible to download WhatsApp for free, is it easy for an inexperienced programmer to install it on a device? Let’s hurry to reassure our readers – 99.99% of the time, it’s possible to plug it into a device without spending a dime. In addition, WhatsApp can be downloaded for any of the mobile operating systems:

Android (this operating system is required for most devices);
Download WhatsApp for Android Tablet
IOS (for Apple iPad);
Download WhatsApp for iPad Tablet
Windows Mobile (for a small number of devices in the mobile version of Windows).

WhatsApp for tablets of different operating systems

It’s very simple: you need to find the application through contextual search on any search page and go to the page that contains the WhatsApp archive. Regardless of what language or transcription you use for your search, a smart search engine will find the Russian version of the application in seconds. All you have to do is download the file to the tablet and register in the program yourself. To do this, you must enter your telephone number as a login (the account is linked to the SIM card) and enter a user name. All manipulations are extremely simple – even a student can download and install the application, its use is also extremely simple. However, there are nuances that need to be considered when installing and using it.

Download WhatsApp on a tablet with different operating systems

Installation functions

Almost all Russian-language websites that the search program can find have the Russian version of WhatsApp available, so it is better to install it. Beware of pages that tell your mobile phone to download the application, register (at best with useless emails), or what good money will be taken from you to download the archive. It is important that your tablet has a GSM module. However, if it is not there, the installation of the watsap cannot be downloaded. You only have to configure the tablet additionally (the installation for each operating system is described in more detail in our special sections). Also, before downloading, make sure you download the latest version of WhatsApp on your tablet. The release date is usually listed next to the latest build number. Once installed, there is no need to monitor the release of newer versions of the program – the device does it itself.

Have you downloaded, installed, configured WhatsApp on your tablet and everything works? On the screen, see the smiling faces of relatives who live across the ocean and hear their voices. Can you talk about the happy events of your life for at least five hours in a row and at the same time have you become a little happier yourself? Wonderful! We are happy that we could help you!


It’s kind of strange and completely incomprehensible – why haven’t the owners of the world’s most popular messenger WhatsApp released a version of the application for tablet computers? After all, it’s much more convenient to exchange text messages on a tablet than on a smartphone with a display the size of a matchbox. Is there really nothing that can be done and the tablet owners will still feel isolated from the rest of civilized humanity? Nothing like that – if you can’t solve a problem directly, there are always workarounds.

WhatsApp for tablet

First, you need to visit the official WhatsApp website and see if a tablet version of WhatsApp has already appeared. Didn’t show up? Then go to the WhatsApp web section and turn on online. The bottom line is: Before you connect the messenger to the tablet, you have to switch the browser to desktop mode (displaying websites in the full version, as with a stationary computer, not with a mobile device).

If you try to connect WhatsApp through the mobile version of the website, you will keep redirecting to Google Play where you will be notified every time – “This device is not supported”.

Download WhatsApp for Android Tablet
Download WhatsApp for iPad Tablet

Then you have to scan the QR code and your tablet will become an online version of WhatsApp Messenger with all the conveniences.

How do I download WhatsApp on your tablet?

If the official developers don’t want to help people, independent programmers will. If you’ve already managed to make a free version of Photoshop, then what are the problems with coding a little messenger? So you can download WhatsApp for your tablet, but not from the official website. For security reasons, don’t forget to update your tablet antivirus databases so as not to get some spyware along with the wonderful WhatsApp.


WhatsApp is the most popular messenger Sharing messages, documents and files with your friends is absolutely free. If you want to download Whatsapp for iPad for free, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to do everything right. Installing an app on an iPad is a little more difficult than on any other gadget. There is no specially designed version for this device, and an application adapted for iPhone is simply not suitable. There are a few tricks you need to know in order to install correctly.

There is an effective way to download WhatsApp for iPad. Via iTunes, you need to download the iFunBox program, which not only helps with the installation of the application, but also acts as a file manager.

To install Messenger on your device, you need to follow the recommendations in this guide:

Download first WhatsApp for iPhone to your computer;
Now download the iFunBox application from iTunes. The version suitable for full-fledged work can easily be selected on the developer’s website. Don’t forget to install Russian for a simpler interface.
Start the program and connect the iPad to a PC using a USB cable.
Now download the WhatsApp program to the iPad.
When the download is complete, the WhatsApp icon will appear on the tablet screen. Now you can safely proceed with the installation.

How to Install WhatsApp on iPad Video Instruction:

During the installation of the application, the user must send a free message to the technical center to authorize the device. After authorization, all you have to do is select the appropriate avatar, set the status, add contacts and start chatting. From all of this it can be seen that with a competent business approach, patience, and correct execution of actions, anything is possible. Exchanging messages, transferring files and making video calls – WhatsApp makes life easier and more interesting.

Download WhatsApp for iPad for free

Another way to install WhatsApp on iPad:

How do I download WhatsApp on a tablet if a Google Play search says that the device is not supported? And the point is not that maybe the gadget itself or the Android version is out of date. The developers of the Messenger have optimized it for smartphones so that they have excluded the standard option of such an installation, although versions for the browser and the PC exist.

However, you can download Watsap to your tablet for free by following a few additional steps. This installation is safe, but since the tablet version is not officially supported by the manufacturer, the application can become unstable.

Download WhatsApp

If we cannot put the application through the store, we need an installation apk file. Need free download WhatsApp for the tablet on the official website.

To do this, you need to find the download area in the menu and follow the Android link:

Open the download link in your browser and download the APK file. The latest version of the app is always available. Only download it from the official website, otherwise you may infect the gadget with viruses.

Download Whatsapp APK
Run the downloaded file and install the application. If the installation is rejected, activate the option “unknown sources“In the chapter “Security” in the “The settings”.

WhatsApp activation

If your tablet does not have a SIM card, it does not matter that activation occurs after receiving a text message on a phone with a valid mobile number.

How to connect Watsap on a tablet:

Start the application. Accept terms of use.
Select the country of the location and enter the mobile phone number.
On the next tab, enter the secret code received in SMS.

Registration in the service is now complete and you can use the messenger.

Installation on two devices

Standard options are the installation on a smartphone and a PC and the use of a smartphone and a web version. In this case, the program on the mobile device is considered to be the main program, and activation cannot be performed without this program.

What if you try to install Vatsap on your smartphone and tablet and bind to the same number? If you activate one device for a cell phone number and then the second, then WhatsApp is deactivated on the first, then in a circle. This of course negates the ease of use and the ability to save the chat history.

The simultaneous start of Vatsap on the tablet and on the phone is not intended.

The only more or less acceptable option is to use it on a tablet Web version of WhatsApp. This feature is not available on the mobile version of the website. So if you use Chrome, activate the menu in the option “Full versionThe rest of the Watsap browser is no different from the one running on the computer.

There are also hacking methods for installing WhatsApp on mobile devices that are tied to a number. First, they require a high level of user training and, second, they can damage the device and data. Hence, we are not going to discuss them and we do not recommend using them.

Follow the instructions to install WatsApp on Lenovo, Samsung, and any other tablet running Android that is no earlier than version 2.3.3. There is no difference in the user interface and the functions of Whatsapp on a tablet and a smartphone. You can correspond and speak to other users of the service just as confidently.


What if the user is fed up with small screens and small fonts? It is entirely possible to communicate on a wider screen in Watsap. All you have to do is figure out how to install Watsap on a tablet and use all the features of Messenger.

Installation conditions

Many users have encountered WhatsApp restrictions while downloading on a tablet.

However, the device is different, so certain conditions must be met:

Tablet PC with Android operating system (a different algorithm works for the iOS operating system): Lenovo, Samsung;
Operating system version chronology – Android not older than generation 2.1;
The device can be operated in mobile mode on a SIM card, or there is a smartphone with a number on which WhatsApp is not yet registered.
Important! It should be noted that the installation of the software on the phablet under the same number will not work if there is a SIM card with an already registered Vatsap account on the smartphone.

So the download and installation algorithm is based on the ability to receive SMS. Therefore there are two installation options.

For devices with a GSM option

In this case, the smartphone is not required, the device performs all actions itself.

How to install WhatsApp on a tablet step by step without a phone:

Insert the SIM card into the tablet (active tariff, paid for internet traffic).
Go to the official Google Play Store.
Search the search bar (this is faster) WhatsApp.
Activate download and installation.
Start software.
Provide personal information (location, phone numbers, name).
Pass the confirmation by SMS with a digital cipher.
Confirm the number and start the messenger.

For devices without GSM

You need another device with a SIM card.

Download Watsap for tablet free of charge and install it on your mobile phone via SIM card:

Prepare the tablet for installation – allow unknown applications to be downloaded (Settings – Security – Unknown Sources).
Go through the browser too Official Wotsap website.
In the search bar, ask for the download for Android.
Start download.
Go to the folder “Downloads” or “Downloads”.
Start the installation.
Join Now.
Pass the verification by entering the phone numbers (SIM card) and receiving an SMS message with a code.
Complete registration.
Go to the tablet settings and disable the permission for unknown sources.
Activate the messenger for communication.

Download Whatsapp APK

Now there is no longer any doubt as to whether it is possible to use WhatsApp on a tablet PC. We recommend that you save these recommendations in quick access to reinstall Messenger or to help friends and acquaintances.

Download WhatsApp for tablet

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