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delivery boy WhatsApp for Nokia S40 Created for communication on smartphones, currently available for iPhone, AndroydNokia, blackberry. The program uses push notifications for quick message delivery.

Switch from SMS to WhatsApp and exchange messages, photos, videos and audio files absolutely for free! All you have to do is download WhatsApp and all the features are already included in the initial cost, so there is no additional cost when using the program.

Download the OVI version of WhatsApp for Nokia S40 Official Store

Minimum requirements: 

Unlimited internet availability;
Nokia 40 series phone.

Supported devices:

Nokia C3-00 Nokia C3-01 Nokia X2-01 Nokia X3-02 Nokia X3-02.5 Nokia X2-00
Nokia Asha: 201 205 Chat Edition 206 Single Sim 208 210 300 301 302 303 305 306 308 309 310 311 515 500 501 502 503 230

Why WhatsApp:

Transparent cost system. Once you and your friends have downloaded the program, you can use it for chatting without any restrictions. Send thousands of messages every day for free! To use WhatsApp, you need access to the Internet (Wi-Fi, 3G / EDGE).
Performs MMS functions such as sending videos, pictures and audio recordings.
There are no international fees – WhatsApp can also be used between different countries for free! International communication via SMS is very expensive and with WhatsApp you can do it for free.
There are no pincodes and usernames, so you don’t have to waste time memorizing them. WhatsApp is integrated into the phone book and uses your phone number for entry as well as the contacts of those who have also installed it.
No need to sign in: you will never be accidentally taken offline from an external device or computer again. WhatsApp is always active thanks to push notifications.
Offline notification: even if you forgot the push notification, turn off your iPhone. The application will keep messages offline until you get them the next time you use WhatsApp.
You can also share your status, your location with friends, change contacts, change the background and sound of notifications, landscape mode, the exact time of messages, the history of the correspondence via email, group messages, MMS and much more. If you have an Android phone we recommend Download WhatsApp for Android Shortcut.

WhatsApp Messenger Is a program that enables you to correspond, exchange pictures, transfer videos and music via an Internet connection. You only need a phone number for identification.

You can download WhatsApp for Nokia S40 for free.

It can be used for 1 year is free, then – buy for $ 0.99.

To be able to work with the application, you accept the user agreement. Then the program will verify your number, while the verification is done automatically, all you have to do is enter your phone number. When you’ve failed Download WhatsApp to the phone For whatever reason, you can do so on our website. In the next step, carefully fill out the minimum profile: enter your name and add a photo if you wish. You can either upload a photo from your phone or just take a picture from the application. That’s the whole setup!

The WhatsApp dialog is very laconic. There you can see the lists of the opened dialogs. In addition, a new dialog opens in an action: You have to click on the envelope icon and the plus sign and then add the desired contact.

Your friends can download WhatsApp for nokias40 and communicate with you absolutely free, quickly and, above all, free of charge! Friends can tell WhatsApp about accessibility from you. “tell about WhatsApp“Via normal text messages.

Settings in Whatsapp Not much: this is viewing and editing the list of blocked contacts, editing a profile, viewing account details, using the network. You can also configure parameters for the chat (sending, background image, font, backup) and the program interface as well as notifications. Please note that notifications for groups, chats and mailings are configured separately. For each event, you can set a melody and use vibration.


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