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Download WhatsApp for iPhone

If the Android described above is the most massive operating system, then iOS for Apple phones is an image system that is bought due to extreme brand loyalty. The power of marketing is so great that connoisseurs of Apple products are ready to do anything to get a new model of the cherished “apple”.

You can quickly and instantly download the official version of Whatsapp for iPhone for free by simply clicking the button:

Download WhatsApp for iPhone

We have also prepared step-by-step instructions explaining how you can do this right from your phone.

Step-by-step guide on how to install WhatsApp on an iPhone

How to download Messenger

If you want to install WhatsApp for free from your iPhone, we first go to the App Store program and enter a phrase in the search engine, for example: “Download WhatsApp”. If Russian has been defined as the main language of the device in the iPhone settings, Whatsapp will be downloaded in this language.

WhatsApp on the iPhone

After that, it is sufficient for us to click the “Install” button. You will be immediately taken to the WhatsApp download page. Every user created an account in the AppStore in advance immediately after purchasing an iPhone. If so – no matter which iPhone version you have in your hands – all you have to do is enter your Apple ID (password) to download the application to your phone for free.

Download WhatsApp on iPhone (Step 4,5,6)

After the phone has downloaded Whatsapp, the “Open” button will appear in the AppStore window. Once launched, the application will request access to the iPhone’s contact list, as well as permission to send notifications, which may include reminders, sounds and icon stickers. These two options need to be confirmed.

Download WhatsApp on iPhone (steps 7,8,9).

As soon as the permissions have been granted, the messenger offers to read the provisions of the privacy policy. You need to click the “Accept and Continue” button.

Download WhatsApp to iPhone (Steps 10,11,12)

In order to be able to use Vatsap, you have to register yourself in Messenger. Enter a phone number that will be permanently connected to the iPhone. To avoid confusion (and further inconvenience), Whatsapp will ask you to double-check the correctness of the entered data before final confirmation. If everything is correct, you need to press the “Yes” button.

To complete the acceptance of the number, the application sends a verification code consisting of 6 characters to the iPhone. It must be entered in the corresponding window of the program. The device checks the uniqueness of the code.

Download WhatsApp on iPhone (Step 13,14,15)

If you’ve ever used WhatsApp but had to delete it and the correspondence was saved in iCloud, you can easily restore it by reinstalling Messenger. But remember: if you continue to use WhatsApp and you don’t do this immediately after installing it, you will no longer be able to do it. To go back to the recovery option, you will need to reinstall the application for free.

Download WhatsApp to iPhone (Step 16, 17, 18)

You can then upload your unique profile photo – either by creating a new one with your iPhone or by downloading an existing one. However, if you don’t need to upload a photo, you can skip this step. However, it is mandatory to provide your network name. This is one of the identifiers your friends and relatives use to search for WhatsApp contacts.

Download WhatsApp for iPhone (steps 19,20,21)

The application also requests access to your iPhone’s photos, videos and microphone to enable free communication over the network and send photos and videos through the system.

We easily managed to download the messenger. The free installation is now complete and you can chat with the users in the phone book on which this messenger is installed.

WhatsApp installed on the iPhone

Using WhatsApp for iPhone

So now you can reach anyone you need in the world and talk to them about urgent problems. To find a friend, you just need to know one of their WhatsApp IDs. Download the application for free from our website, chat for free and have fun communicating.

Download the WhatsApp app on the iPhone device

If you have a lot of friends with smartphones and cell phones, regardless of brands and manufacturers, you can cut communication costs significantly by organizing a service-based communication network Whatsapp. What is whatsapp It is a cross-platform application i.e. a messenger that works on both Android and iOS and other popular mobile operating systems.

Downloading WhatsApp on iPhone will save you communication

Since communication takes place via Internet telephony, when you communicate via WhatsApp you only pay for the Internet. And you’re already paying for it because you own the iPhone.

Here’s what you get if you can convince as many of your friends as you can to download and install Wattsap on phones and smartphones:

Free SMS sending.
Free phone and video calls with great call quality.
Share files, photos and videos.
Organization of group chats.
Preservation of the entire history of correspondence. Archiving and restoration.
A convenient way to assign status – your friends always know what mood you’re in.

Where can you get such a wonderful manager app like WhatsApp? You can download Vatsap on your smartphone directly from the iTunes Application Store or from the WhatsApp program official website.

The WhatsApp app is free to download and the subscription fee is ridiculous – only 99 US cents a year. Many users wonder why this is – the application doesn’t even have ads. How do the messenger developers make money to support the project?

Download WhatsApp for iPhone
Someone predicts an increase in subscription fees, others believe that an online store will soon appear in the application. The most national say – what’s the difference, get it and have fun while it’s a giveaway.

WhatsApp Messenger Is a free message sending manager for iPhone.
WhatsApp for iPhone This option allows you to send and receive text messages without paying, as well as send audio, photo, picture, and video files to friends in your contact list. Download WhatsApp for iPhone Is a great solution for quick and free communication.

Download the official version of Watsapp for iPhone

WhatsApp Messenger is ahead of the competition!

Step one download WhatsApp on iPhone, then install it and you and your friends can use chats without limits. There is no mention of hidden costs! For WhatsApp, a connection over 3G / EDGE and Wi-Fi (if possible) is great.
Sending, pictures, voice recordings, photos, videos is possible.
There are no international fees: WhatsApp can be used free of charge from different countries.
You will not find any inquiries for PIN codes and Logins. WhatsApp with your phone number is very simple and uses contacts from the phone book without wasting time. You can communicate with those who also have this application installed.
You don’t have to go through any annoying authorization in WhatsApp. And if you accidentally get taken offline, push notifications will help keep you connected!
If you want to receive messages in the too offline, All you have to do is download WhatsApp for iPhone. The message is saved and you will receive it the next time you use the application.
There are many more interesting things: you can share your coordinates, your status, exchange contacts, change the pH level and the sound of notifications. In landscape mode, exact time of sending messages, you can send the history of correspondence by email, conduct group correspondence, MMS and much more.

If you don’t already know Whatsapp Messenger program for iPhone, With its help, you will have the ability to receive and send a message without registering, nor will you need to create an account. You can exchange data using a phone number from the contact book.

3G / EDGE or Wi-Fi is all you need to work with WhatsApp.

Once you and your friends purchase this wonderful program, you can use it for chat without any limit. You can send tons of messages every day for absolutely free!  Download WatSapp for your phone You can find more models on our portal.

Overall this is the existing one Whatsapp more than meets the needs of the majority of users and continues to surpass the popularity of its competitors. In addition to the usual transmission of text messages, you can communicate in conference mode, share photos, images, video content, audio recordings and others. WhatsApp has some serious advantages. For example, users especially like the fact that the program works perfectly on iOS and BlackBerry OS, as well as Android and Windows Phone.

As you noticed, WhatsApp for iPhone download doesn’t require a lot of effort. It’s also gratifying because once you pay for the iOS application there is no additional cost. The owner of a gadget with other operating systems has to pay a monthly fee 33 rubles a year.

Download WhatsApp for iPhone

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