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Download WhatsApp for Android

This publication details how to download one of the most popular instant messengers in the world – WhatsApp – to an Android smartphone. This operating system has established itself as one of the most popular due to its affordability and ease of use.

Therefore, the Android platform is developing rapidly and many development companies that publish applications for stationary computers are simultaneously producing Android versions of their products.

Download WhatsApp for Android phone

WhatsApp, like many other programs made for Android, can be downloaded from the Play Market absolutely free of charge by simply clicking the button:

Download WhatsApp for Android

How to install using Google Play Market

To download the new version of Whatsapp from your Android, you can use the Google Play Market application. An account is required to use the services of this platform. However, as a rule, all users buy it in the first few days after purchasing a smartphone.

The account login is the Gmail email address, the password is generated independently. The owner of the phone uses this account to download all applications from the Google Play Store. Registration is also free.

The Messenger page on Google Play contains information about the application, the number of downloads, the special features, user ratings and their ratings. To start the download you need to hit the “Install” button (if there is no information about the download fee, you can be sure that this application is free). You will see the process of downloading WhatsApp to the device begin, showing the total file size, an indicator of the number of megabytes already downloaded. When Whatsapp is fully loaded, a message will pop up stating that the program will be installed.

Stages of Downloading WhatsApp on Android (Steps 3,4,5)

When the installation is complete, a message will appear at the top of the smartphone screen. Instead of the “Install” button, two buttons “Remove” and “Open” are displayed. When you start the program, the WhatsApp privacy policy will appear. Here the button “Accept and continue” must be pressed.

Stages of Downloading WhatsApp Phone on Android (Steps 7,8,9)

The next screen is the network registration menu. You will need to provide the country code and phone number that will be permanently connected to the device. WhatsApp sends an SMS to verify the number. If you want to sign in to your account from another device at the same time, you cannot. Therefore, when the system asks for consent to confirm the number, you need to be sure that that particular binding is the most convenient and correct.

Stages of Downloading WhatsApp Phone on Android (Steps 10, 11, 12)

Next, you will see the WhatsApp first launch windows. You will also need to provide your name on the network and download a profile photo if you wish. To click the icon with the camera image, select a photo – either from those uploaded to your phone or from those created with the built-in camera …

Stages of Downloading WhatsApp Phone on Android (Steps 13, 14, 15)

When you click the “Next” button, the system initializes the list of contacts in the phone book and tells you which of your friends are already using WhatsApp.

Steps to Download WhatsApp Phone to Android Device (Steps 16, 17, 18)

The WhatsApp icon will appear on the desktop of your device. The messenger is ready for daily use. The user is provided with video and text chats with all contacts from the phone book, which can be carried out absolutely free of charge.

As you can see, downloading WhatsApp for Android for free is as easy as peeling pears. All you need is the basic knowledge of a mobile device user.

By default, when you download the program from any website using the link that will take you to Google Play, you will download the latest version in Russian, which is available today. The further update takes place automatically.

Download WhatsApp from other sources

Download from other sources

If for some reason you don’t want to use Google Play and you need to download WhatsApp for free without the Play Market, you can find this messenger on the Internet using contextual search, simply by going into the search engine Google, Yandex or any other phrase “Download the latest version.” from WhatsApp download Russian for Android “. At the same time, the function for downloading applications from unknown sources must be activated on your device. You can activate it as follows: Open the phone settings menu, then the item “Security” and activate the checkbox “Unknown sources”. On some phone models this flag may be hidden in an additional submenu.

Installing WhatsApp on an Android phone is the easiest and most hassle-free solution. The installation process usually does not cause nuances, problems or difficulties. There are many options – from the Play Store to websites accidentally found on the network. The result of downloading Vatsap on the phone is one. You benefit from both using the program and communicating with your friends and family. It is enough to press the icon on the phone’s desktop – the distances are balanced, the feeling of the presence of relatives next to you is absolutely real.

Use WhatsApp, keep the warmth of communication with loved ones!

If the Internet on smartphones was too expensive 5 to 6 years ago and could not take advantage of all its advantages, “standard” mobile communication is increasingly a thing of the past. The transition to 3G and even 4G allowed us to provide an extremely powerful and stable internet connection that opened up new possibilities. Enough today Download WhatsApp for Android or any other platform and forget about paying cellular operators to send messages and calls. The app is available for:

Windows Phone

In addition, it doesn’t matter what country the subscribers are in as Whatsapp has no restrictions.

Download WhatsApp for Android

WhatsAPP for Android

The application allows you to call and send messages to both a neighbor and someone on the other side of the world. Actually, WhatsApp for Android This is one of the first programs that was able to bring completely different users together in a single network, giving them absolutely equal opportunities and free communication around the clock. The application removes all communication limits, regardless of place of residence and other conditions.

How to install Whatsapp on Android

In order not to become a victim of scammers, it is very important to think in detail and step by step how to install Whatsapp on Android. The process is quite simple and only takes a few minutes. Before proceeding with the installation, you need to make sure that your device is supported by this program. After that, you need to go to the Play Market (also known as Google Play) and find the application using search or the popularity chart Download it from our website.

WhatsApp for AndroidIt is worth noting that you download Whatsapp on Android in Russian so that there are no problems with understanding. It is very important to only download the program from the official website or our website, as rogue websites often display a hacked version that cleans your mobile account balance.

After downloading the application on your smartphone, you will need to open it on the device itself if the internet is on. The program asks you for your phone number and country code. After that you have to click “OK”. Next, the application should check that your details have been entered correctly and that the connection is working. To do this, a test message is sent from Whatsapp to your phone.

WhatsApp on Android
After that, you need to complete the registration process and follow the steps below:

Enter the profile name
add a photo
Start with the app

It should be noted that not all addresses can be listed in the contact list, only those who have installed the application on their phone. WhatsApp for Android free, Therefore, you can always invite your friends and acquaintances to install it on your phone for constant communication.

Advantages and functions of WhatsApp

Why has Whatsapp become a leader among other similar programs not only on mobile platforms but also for Windows? The main reason, of course, is that the app is completely free. All you have to do is pay for the internet according to your operator’s tariff plan. Messages can be sent in both text and voice, which is very convenient. In addition, you can make calls, share multimedia files and even documents. The application is increasingly used for corporate purposes and organizes stable and constant communication within a certain organization or company.

If in 2009, when Whatsapp was first made publicly available, the application was shareware (annual usage cost $ 1), the annual commission was no longer collected after January 2016. Also, the developers of the application have chosen not to add a large amount of advertisements and other commercial spam in order to provide users with maximum comfort and convenience in communication. Various paid functions will soon be available in Whatsapp that are specially developed for corporate customers, organizations and other structures. For other users WhatsApp for Android and every other platform will remain free forever.

Another important communication function is the ability to create group chats. Today, many companies use this option to communicate with remote workers. However, you can always invite your friends and acquaintances to a general chat and enjoy communicating with them.

WhatsApp for AndroidThe creators of the application placed the main bet on the quality of communication as Whatsapp is as easy to use as possible. The technical requirements of the program are also very low, so it can also be installed on old phone models. The most important and only condition is the presence of an internet connection on the device.

Download WhatsApp for Android

Whatsapp also offers the ability to send messages and files even when the user is offline. In this case, he will receive a message after he has re-established his internet connection.


Since the developers originally intended the now popular free WhatsApp Messenger for Android, the easiest way to get an application today is this operating system. You can download WhatsApp for Android in any version you want for free directly from the service’s official website or from the Google Play App Store and thousands of other websites on the Internet.

How do I download WhatsApp on Android from Google Play?

On the screen of your Android device, find the picture of a shopping bag with a colored triangle on the side. This is Google Play in case you are new to it.
Enter chat and video calls in the search bar of the WhatsApp application.
The very first application will appear in the Watsap search results.
Touch the icon with your finger and the installation page will open.
Click Install.
A second later, a window will appear asking you for the application’s permissions to access data on the device.
Click Agree and the download process will begin.

After the installation is complete, a new icon will appear on the main smartphone screen – this is WhatsApp Messenger. Activate it and sign in. You are now a full user of WhatsApp Messenger. And you have all the options: send free SMS over the Internet, make phone calls in audio and video format, create a chat with other users of the system, send files and exchange contacts. I have not registered in the system, you ask. So this is not necessary. If you gave permission when installing the program, you have registered yourself with your mobile phone number on this smartphone.

In parallel, the application copies your friends’ phone numbers from your contact list and you don’t even have to fill out any forms. If your friends and family do not already have the Watsap application, they will need to download WhatsApp for Android for free so that you can communicate with them without paying for the services of a cellular operator.

How do I install WhatsApp for Android on the official website?

If something is not working with Google Play or you want to be absolutely sure that the recipient has the latest version of Messenger with advanced options, you can follow the application directly on the official website of the service.

Open the website in the browser
Find the green Download Now button and click it.
The service website will automatically identify your version of Android and start downloading the installation file.
You can also download Watsapp from on your Android phone shortcut.

Depending on your smartphone’s security settings, you may need to make changes to the settings and allow applications to be downloaded from unknown sources. It sounds a little scary – they want to warn you about the risk of catching malicious viruses. But didn’t you download the program from the WhatsApp official website? And yet – to clear your conscience, run an antivirus and run a system scan to make sure no malicious viruses or spyware have leaked with the installation file.

Since the WhatsApp messenger asks permission to access your personal data on the smartphone, the antivirus program should recognize them as spyware. So make sure you download the application from the WhatsApp website and not a phishing interface. To ensure this, enter the WhatsApp website URL in the browser yourself and do not follow the links in the promotional emails. It is an email that is known to be the most common way for cyber criminals to download viruses and Trojans onto users’ devices. You should be extra careful when installing and downloading WhatsApp, not from Google Play or the official website. The controls should be carried out more strictly at unknown locations.


Whatsapp is a program that promotes limitless communication by exchanging messages between contacts on a mobile device based on Android or other operating systems. All you need for communication between users is an Internet connection.

Where can I download WhatsApp Messenger for Android devices?


Download the WhatsApp – Android version from our website

Minimum requirements for installing WhatsApp for Android:

Android OS 2.1 or higher;
It is recommended to use unlimited mobile internet.
Installation on tablets is still supported.

In order to get a really convenient application, it is not at all necessary to scroll through unknown resources for a long time. Developers today have tried to offer their users an exceptionally safe product Download Whatsapp to the Android  won’t be difficult. After downloading the installation file, you need to check the internet connection and run the program.

WhatsApp Messenger – a service that will make your Android even more indispensable

In the highlighted fields, the owner of the device must enter the country code, their own phone number and double-click. “OKNext, the program sends the user a message to confirm the correctness of the given number. Remember that sending such SMScarried out exclusively at the price of the operator used. Then the owner of the phone has to provide a name, upload a photo for the profile and click “Next”. After this process, the standard greeting of the program and a detailed description of its functions are displayed, among which a free start-up is also possible.

Hardly anyone can refuse to download the free one WhatsApp for Android, After all, there is no need to pay for the program for twelve months. Such a period serves as an introductory phase so that every new user can take full advantage of the application and always stay in contact with his relatives and friends. After this period, the use of WhatsApp will be paid for, but the amount deposited is pretty symbolic in the amount of $ 0.99 per year.

Have fun with WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp for AndroidAs you now understand Download WhatsApp for Android not difficult at all, and now you have this wonderful service on your phone. Why getting started with him? First, the Contacts tab of your mobile device’s application will show profiles of users who also have WhatsApp installed. With them you can conduct constant online communication.

Using the program is quite simple, even an inexperienced owner will not have difficulty. interface WhatsApp Messenger discreet enough. All the necessary functions are always in sight, so sending a message, conducting correspondence and changing languages ​​is very easy. In addition, communication will always be fun as the application database contains a large number of emoticons and different symbols for every occasion and mood.

Of course, you can get upset that not all phonebook contacts are showing up in the application. But there is also a good solution here. It is enough to recommend the installationWhatsApp on Android or another operating system for the person you want to correspond with.

Sending messages is very easy. Simply enter the text you want, select a contact and click “Send”. One of the advantages of the service, among other things, is working with the functions of all known social networks. So you can always indicate the status based on your mood or your location. Thanks to this, your contact group knows that you are busy or, for example, in the cinema. Download WhatsApp for free possible for every smartphone owner.

In addition, you have the option of creating a group chat and communicating with several friends at the same time. Plus, in addition to exchanging text messages, you can always send files, images, photos, etc. We can safely conclude from this WhatsApp for Android devices is an ideal messaging service without having to spend extra money on SMS at the cost of your own operator.


The user who just downloaded this messenger may be interested in using it Whatsapp on Android devices.

WhatsApp on Android: basic functionality

As is probably already known, the WhatsApp program allows users to communicate with each other. This can be done using familiar text messages as well as voice and video calls.

But a newbie who has just downloaded the program can waste valuable time before figuring it all out for themselves. So we can offer a little guide to the most important functions of WhatsApp:

Registration of a new account;;
Send messages;
File attachments in the message;

How to register in Vatsap

To create an account in WhatsApp, you will need to enter your phone number when you start the program for the first time. An SMS with an access code will then be received at this number. This code is entered in another field of the messenger – and only then can it be assumed that the activation of the profile was successful.

Send text messages

Text messaging – the main communication tool in Watsap. And that’s why you should know how to write it and how to send it first. For this you need:

Start WhatsApp on your smartphone.
Go to the tab Chat rooms. Here is a list of the existing chats. If the list is empty, move on to the next item.
namely on the tab contacts. Here is a list of the users available for correspondence. All you have to do is highlight the one you want – and a chat with him will open immediately. After typing a message, you can now click the Send button in the lower right corner of the screen.

What can be attached to your message?

WhatsApp allows you to attach pictures to text messages. Video clips, as well as pictures from the camera, location information, voice messages and other documents. To attach a file in chat mode, press the key with a paper clip. All you have to do is choose the type of attachment you prefer, mark the file you want to send – and actually send the message. And to send a smiley face, you need to click the icon with a smiley face in the message input box on the left.

Calls in Watsap: how to make them

The most obvious way is as follows:

Start WhatsApp on your phone.
Select the “Calls“;
Press the button in the form of a telephone receiver with a plus sign in the upper right part of the display.
A list of all available users opens.
When you need to make a call using voice communication, the button is pressed with the handset. If by video – then on the image of a stylized video camera.

You can also call the person you are talking to directly from the chat. A special button in the form of a telephone receiver is located on top of the interface for this purpose. We press – and we call.

Of course, it is simply impossible to describe all the features of the program in one article. However, knowing how to use Watsap on Android, even its most important features, will allow you to actively communicate with your old friends on the Internet for free.

How to install Whatsapp on Android phone – instructions

WhatsApp is an alternative to the messaging system. You can choose how to install WhatsApp on the phone Android. To download, they use both a PC and a store installed on a smartphone.

Install Messenger

The application is responsible for the interaction between the user and the server. For correct operation, the developers have tried to simplify the download process from the official website as much as possible.

First of all, you need to visit an app store called Google Play. To find the messenger you want, you can enter “Download WhatsApp and install it on your Android phone” in the search bar. Then follow the instructions:

Select an application.
Press the button “To install”;
agree to the required permissions;
Wait for the utility to load completely.

After all the steps, you need to open the application after you finish the installation in Russian and create an account. First, the system directs you to the screen with the license agreement. You need to familiarize yourself with it and click the “Accept and continue“.

Account creation:

Enter the number.
Select the country of residence.
to press “OK”;
Wait for the verification code in SMS.
Confirm the secret code.

At this stage the system will redirect you to a page where you can enter your personal information. Here you need to enter the name, date of birth and other data (at the discretion of the user). The installation via the Play Market can be considered complete.

You can start chatting by clicking the message icon. It’s in the top right corner. You have to select a conversation partner from the phone book and start a conversation.

Installation with APK file

Watsap for Android can in some cases be downloaded and installed for free through a computer. To do this, you should:

Connect the device Laptop or a PC with a USB cable;
In the dialog box that appears, click the label “Enable”;
Open the folder on the PC desktop “Computer”;
Select the section “Devices and hard drives“;
to open “Android”;
Find the previously downloaded file on the laptop WhatsApp.apk;;
Copy and paste it into a folder “Download” on the Android tab;
open the section “My files“On a smartphone;
open the folder “Download log“;
Click on the copied file and select To install.

You also need to know how to install WhatsApp on Android without locking the file with your phone. When the inscription “Installation locked»Can be canceled by some settings. For this you need:

Find the settings button under the lock.
opposite the article “unknown sources“Move the slider to the right (this entry is in the” section)Lock screen and protection“);
Select the article “Allow this download only“And press “OK”.

Installation from a computer is done the same way as from a smartphone. If you follow the instructions, the download will be successful and you can start communicating immediately.

Download WhatsApp for Android

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