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WhatsApp for Android Tablet is a messenger that is used by 200 million people. It allows users to send messages, media files, and call friends. It gained popularity thanks to its practical design and easy registration. The application is also completely free.

Functions of WhatsApp on the tablet

This program does not charge any user fees. It can even make international calls. There is a function for users – save messages offline. In addition, the application does not require high-speed internet. Even mobile it will do 3G or LTE.

How do I completely remove WhatsApp application from the phone?

How to download on Android tablet

The official version of Whatsapp for the Android tablet is not suitable. However, there is a trick you can use to install the client on it. You can do this for free. For this you need:

Have a tablet with a SIM card. If it doesn’t support it, you’ll need another device. The SIM card must be in the phone.
Download the application’s APK file. It’s available on the Play Store. If the messenger is downloaded from some other resource, then in the settings you need to lift the ban on installing applications that are not from the market.

Install watsap. The note “Device not supported” should be ignored.
Join Now. To do this, you need to bind a telephone number.

Sign in to your account. During authorization, the application sends an SMS with a code to a tablet or phone with a SIM card.

Thus, a person can download WhatsApp for an Android tablet. Even if it doesn’t support SIM cards

Possible difficulties

Lenovo devices require a WIFI, 4G, or 3G connection. These tablets are not working properly. Watsap must be downloaded from official sources. Otherwise, the application may not be installed. Outdated versions of WhatsApp can freeze on your device.


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