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Watsap emoticons are widely used by users when chatting with loved ones with friends or work colleagues. Grimacing faces mean expressing your own feelings to the interlocutor. These images spice up conversations in black and white lines.

Varieties of smilies

Emoticons for WhatsApp are divided into several groups:

default. Faces that the user sees when entering the chat with the interlocutor. He clicks with his finger on the happy face on the left in the field where he normally enters text. A world full of funny pictures opens up in front of the user.
sticker – a different kind of smiling faces. Only they are twice as big as the standard ones;
Smiley gifs. Happy faces in motion. These include winking faces, a slapping smiley against a wall that expresses the illogic of the situation, and many others.
You can find and download applications for Android that contain emoticons with different moods in the Play Market Store. Programs with a smile have been translated into Russian and are distributed free of charge

Is it possible to print Watsapp messages – printout of photo and video material

Programs that offer the user emoticons

Emojidom Is a utility that can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android or from App Stora on the iPhone. Allows you to make your own smile and photo icons.

The emoji keyboard is another utility that you can use to communicate with emoji. In a few seconds it is easy to send a large number of funny and not very funny faces to the interlocutor instead of words.

WhatsApp emoticons – an application for communicating with loved ones and friends using emotional symbols. In addition to the usual emotions, it contains animals, memes, stickers with an interesting design.

Often times people use the same expressions of emotion when communicating. This is because the decryption of many emoticons on WhatsApp is unknown to them.

Decryption of rare emotional images in WhatsApp

For example, the emoticon “hugs” means that the user likes to communicate with the interlocutor. A heart of emoticons is usually sent to a loved one or loved one and means
a “love”, or the user wants to give his heart to a loved one when the emotional symbol is sent in the form of a facial stretch. “Heart “.

Ways to save audio from the WhatsApp application

IPhone users can find out the decryption of emotional faces. This feature is not available for Android users.

This can be done by doing the following:

Go to “the settings“.
Click on the article “The main“.
Go to “Universal access“.
Click the button “speech“.
Select the face you want in the WhatsApp program and mark it.
Click the arrow in the right corner and click the buttonSpeak“.
The meaning will be announced.

In addition to the usual emotional icons, there are also vulgar, erotic emoticons. They can also be found in special applications. Recently, waiting for smileys has become popular. It means that a person is in a sad and sluggish state, waiting for their fulfillment, but is still attractive and handsome.

You can see what this or that emotional symbol means in the following figure:


It is possible that someone is already fed up with the standard emoticons in Whatsapp – and he’s looking for where to download emoticons for Watsap for free. Well, you can actually do it. However, the standard set of emoticons remains unchanged.

Download emoticons for WhatsApp Messenger

Despite the fact that WhatsApp doesn’t support the downloading and additional installation of third-party emoticon sets, you can still please your friends with funny faces. For example, if you download an emoticon in a normal graphic format and insert an emoticon from the device gallery, as you would with a normal picture.

Also, you can download special third-party utilities that allow you to insert a variety of emoticons for all occasions. As a rule, they are divided into categories here, and the database of such applications is constantly updated with new and new faces..

The principle of their use is quite simple. All you have to do is highlight the emoticon you want to paste and copy it to the clipboard. Then switch to WhatsApp to send messages – and paste the picture on the clipboard. Examples of such programs are: EmojidomWhatsApp emoticonsSmileys for WhatsApp and many others available for free.

How to insert an emoticon in WhatsApp

To Insert emoticon In your WhatsApp message you will need as usual:

Run the program Whatsapp;;
Switch to the tab Chat rooms;;
Select the desired chat with this or that user.
In chat mode, click the icon with a smiley face on the left side of the message input field.
In the list of open emoticons, select the one you want.

After that, all you have to do is send a message.


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