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There are jokes on the network that have already become classics that you will want to use several times. To become the owner of a funny joke for WhatsApp, you have to work hard to download it to the device’s memory.

Sources of jokes

There are tons of sources where you can find jokes. If Vatsap is installed on your computer, you can find jokes on websites and internet groups, video portals (YouTube) and social networks (Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram).

If you have a mobile version of Messenger, use the popular App Store and the Google Play Store.

In Messenger itself, users create interest groups, and there is a wide variety of humor – all you have to do is log in. In all the sources, you are sure to come across groups that have everything you need: videos, gifs, memes, pictures, statuses.

Everything is broken down by topic – mood, congratulations, animals, children, cartoons, films. In order to download jokes for WhatsApp, you usually have to register or subscribe. However, all content will be available free of charge.

Download to smartphone

If you want, you can save content in Russian and other languages ​​with just a few clicks. So follow the steps:

We enter the messenger.
Choose the meme you like.
Press and a little hold your finger on him.
When the full screen mode opens, the media can be viewed under “gallery»Smartphone.
The file can be reused.
Note! The principle of downloading and saving is similar for devices running Android, iOS and Windows. With some models of Windows smartphones, however, the memory function is automatically carried out in the “Gallery” of the device.

Download to the computer

To do this, proceed as follows:

We enter the “Vatsap”.

Find your favorite funny content.
Find the symbol “Download“(Usually at the bottom right of the video).

Select the download location from the drop-down list.
Click “save up“.

The media file is saved in the selected folder on the PC.

Now you can manage fun content when uploading and downloading it to / from WhatsApp. Be active and positive!


Anyone looking for a variety of Jokes for whatsapp, To cheer up yourself and your friends, you can advise:

cool pictures, postcards and avatars;
cool states.

Cool avatars and pictures

There are many websites on the internet that you can find cool avatars for WhatsApp. Sometimes they are divided into groups – by subject, to make it easier to find the image you want. Heroes from movies, TV series, and games are grim and pose for a funny avatar. There are also pictures with inscriptions – also divided thematically.

Cool status

Another way to make a too-serious friend smile is cool status on WhatsApp. Here are just a few of them:

As the old philosopher said, being online is not answering …;
Everything is so angry it even makes me angry!
All people get up in the morning and I get up …
If you remove me from your friends list, I’ll remove your liver, heart, and kidneys from your list of organs.
Everything didn’t turn out as it seemed;
Russian folk custom is to rub the bottom with a sponge for dishes;
Don’t yell at me, I can also put exclamation marks !!!!!
Eat a watermelon at night – no need for an alarm clock!
As a kid, I liked beautiful dolls, and my brother liked beautiful cars. Time passed – and everything was reversed;
The cold is such that even the thermometer knocks to be admitted;
Which genital organ do you want? Get away from me!
Pleasures are divided into two types: innocent and wine;
I bought tea for weight loss yesterday. Only with the cake will …
Don’t send me to hell The devils are not responsible for anything.

Choose cool status on WhatsApp or cool pictures – the choice is up to the user. All of them will undoubtedly make you and your chat friends smile.


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