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Download and install WhatsApp on Windows XP

How many people live on planet earth, so many opinions exist. Some prefer Viber, others – Telegram, others – Jabber. We prefer WhatsApp – the easiest, most convenient and most popular messenger. Here we are going to show you how to download WhatsApp for free for a computer running Windows XP 32 bit.

Download Watsap for Windows XP

There are several installation methods that are most commonly used:

Via WhatsApp Web. For the installation you need a PC with Windows XP, a mobile phone with a previously installed WhatsApp.

Using an Android emulator like Blue Stacks.

Installation via the web interface

First – the easiest way to install Vatsap on a Windows XP computer. Open the link, Launch the WhatsApp application on the phone, enable the settings menu and launch the WhatsApp web item. Then we find a QR code on the screen with the mobile camera. Once scanned, you can start using the application right away and contacts and phone calls will be synced with your computer.

Instructions on how to activate the web version of WhatsApp

Installation with the Blue Stacks emulator

The second method is a little more complicated: you need to download the Blue Stacks emulator and install it on your computer. Then the process must be carried out with WhatsApp itself. However, this path is worthwhile so as not to be constantly tied to the phone.

First, you need to download and install the Android emulator – Blue Stacks.

Download the Android emulator BlueStacks 3

Once downloaded, you can use any Android application on your Windows XP PC. The next step: using Google Play, we will find the WhatsApp page by searching and starting the download of the program.

We look for the desired program in the search bar

After loading the program automatically starts the installation. During installation, the usual procedure for obtaining permits, approvals and confirmations is initiated in such cases. The key point is registering a phone number. Any available live number should be given. It is important that the number is entered correctly as the bond with the device is permanent. After confirming the number, an SMS will be sent to the specified SIM card on which the verification code will be indicated. It is also required to provide the username of the program which will be seen by all registered subscribers of Vatsap.

The Windows XP application is installed. With the WhatsApp graphics functions on the large screen, you can enter text conveniently using the keyboard. The only inconvenience with this type of installation is the lack of synchronization of new contacts – they have to be added manually all the time.

As you can see, downloading WhatsApp in Russian for free does not require any super knowledge and does not require any super effort. A few simple steps are enough to install the program on your Windows XP computer. After spending a maximum of 20 minutes downloading and installing components (for the web version – a maximum of 5 minutes), you will become the owner of a powerful communication resource that can instantly connect you to someone on the other side of the planet.


With the spread of instant messengers, users are looking for new and new versions to get in touch not only from mobile devices but also directly from a computer. The Windows XP operating system is still installed on many computers. So it is not surprising that many people hammer into their favorite search engine “WhatsApp Windows XP” … and then they will be disappointed: There is no official version for Windows XP, as for every other Windows except Windows Phone.

It’s hard to say why developers still don’t focus their product on desktop systems: after all, they lose the lion’s share of the market themselves. Hopefully this will happen in the future – and we’ll see the version Whatsapp for desktop systems. Still, you can run WhatsApp on Windows. This requires a “knight train”. Namely – through the emulator.

The emulator will help us!

There are many great Windows and Linux emulators that you can use to run mobile apps as if they were on a phone or tablet. It’s more a matter of taste. What you need:

Download any PC emulator that can run Android applications. Usually the installation process itself is straightforward and smooth.
Download APK file with WhatsApp Messenger. You can do this on the application’s official website or on any other trusted resource.
Start the emulator and select the “Open” item. In the new dialog box, select the WhatsApp file. The emulator is installed in the working environment. In addition, the application can be used in the same way as if it were installed on a tablet or phone.

Features of WhatsApp for Windows XP

Once you’ve installed WhatsApp on Windows XP via an emulator, you can take full advantage of its benefits. Among them:

The ability to stay connected through a computer;
Send text messages in both private mode and group chat mode.
Exchange various graphic, audio and video files.
Install different skins according to your needs.

It is important that the emulator version does not require a pre-installed WhatsApp, as is required, for example, in the browser version. In short, WhatsApp is worth installing on your computer.


Download WhatsApp Any active, energetic person who has already familiarized themselves with WhatsApp functionality and wants to expand the limits of their communication can be required for Windows XP. This is a program for installing software that, from the very beginning, was only used for smartphones and tablet computers with SIM card support.

What is Vacap for Windows XP?

The application in question is intended for communication in Vacape on the computer. It is very convenient to see messages on the big screen. You also get the following permissions:

Synchronization of two programs on a smartphone and a computer or laptop, ie immediate display of all information in both program versions.
Free sending of messages composed of text and emoticons or emoji.
Sending audio messages with quick recording.
The ability to send any file, any format. The only limitation in this case is the size of the file being sent. It shouldn’t be more than 16 megabytes.
Simple and convenient to use, and Watsap allows you to communicate with free messages at home, at work and in any public place, provided that inexpensive internet or free WiFi is available.
All data (messages and other information in chats) is repeated on both devices.
The WhatsApp program can work with the same success on devices with operating systems Microsoft WindowsWindows PhoneMac OS XBlackBerry OSSymbian OSiPhone, and Android.
All of the above functions can also be used on phones that read the vxp format.
After installing the program you can use the new functionality.

How do I use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp for Windows xp can be installed using the following algorithm:

Right-click the distribution kit (installation file).
In the drop-down menu select “Save as…”.
In the window that opens, you must enter the path in the folder in which you want to save (upload) the file.
Click “OKOr the Enter key on your keyboard.
When the file is fully downloaded, you can install it on a computer or laptop running the Windows XP operating system.
Now WhatsApp for Windows XP needs to be installed correctly. To do this, you need to locate the file you just downloaded and double-click it.
When the installation process begins, the user will be asked to scan a special QR code made up of squares in a specific order. To do this, you need to take a phone with a Vatsap already activated and turn it on.
Go to WhatsApp on your smartphone.
Go to the main menu of Watzap.
Select the item “Scan the QR code“or”Watsap Web”In the program settings, so that the device switches the camcorder to scanner mode.
Move the mouse pointer over the code displayed on the monitor of the computer or laptop on which the program is installed, the viewfinder of the phone camera and click on the “tap” buttonscan”.
Once the scanning is complete, your computer will be logged into your account immediately.

Important! It is worth paying attention to a nuance such as the smooth operation of the Internet (both on the phone and on the computer) so that all communication in Vatsap goes well.

Another extremely important point is the synchronous work of a computer and a phone. If at some point the smartphone is no longer connected to the Internet or the Watsap account is logged off, work on the computer is interrupted immediately. For this reason, you should not deactivate WhatsApp until the communication session has ended.

Download and install WhatsApp on Windows XP

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