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The phone is the most popular device for WhatsApp communication. In this regard, many gadget owners would like to know how to update WhatsApp. It is very important to do such a procedure regularly, as it will improve the work of the messenger. In each new version, the developer makes changes to fix previous bugs. In addition, new features and user interface improvements are added frequently.

Before starting the update, each person must ensure that the smartphone has an internet connection. He must also take into account that around 20 megabytes of traffic must be used for this process. At the same time, the download and installation of the improved version is carried out for free in the background and has no effect on the use of the mobile device.

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The most common smartphones are Android devices.

To update the messenger on them you need to:

Stop working on WhatsApp.
Visit the game market which will open a menu with its icon in the top left corner.
In the window that appears, select “My Applications and Games”. In the list of all installed installed applications there are programs with updates at the top.
Click the Messenger icon.
Check the option in a new window where you can download the improved service and then accept the application’s terms of use.

In addition, the user must wait while the download and installation of the instant messaging service proceed.

How do I update WhatsApp on iPhone?

On an iPhone, a person can identify the available updates by the App Store icon. If it has a red circle with a certain number, it means that there are new versions available for so many uses.

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The improved WhatsApp is installed on the iPhone as follows:
The smartphone program is closed completely.
The store opens;
In the lower right corner, click Update.
A messenger is selected from the list displayed and the same button opposite is activated.

You can also update Whatsapp when a new version becomes available automatically. The necessary settings are made for this. After that, when you open the program, you will be prompted to download add-ons.


Need Update WhatsApp occurs regularly – usually after the release of each new version of this messenger. And it is advisable to do this regularly. After all, with each new update, not only does WhatsApp’s stability and stability improve, but sometimes new functions are added with global updates. If you do not update WhatsApp for a long time, many functions will no longer be available. For example, if you try to send you a file that is not supported in the old version of Messenger, you will inevitably or even completely receive an error message WhatsApp freezes. If you are using a very old version of the program, sooner or later it will no longer work. How can you update WhatsApp and do it as quickly and safely as possible?

Update WhatsApp can:

in automatic mode;
in manual mode;
Reinstall the program.

In automatic mode

If you have an account on the Google Play Digital Store, you need to check that the option to automatically update all downloaded applications is enabled there. It is set by default, but the user can remove it to save traffic. If you enable this option again, WhatsApp will be downloaded automatically and install updates as soon as the new version has been uploaded to the resource by the developers.

In manual mode

But even if the auto-update option is disabled, you can always do so Update WhatsApp for free yourself. To do this, go to the Google Play Store and see if the “Update” button is available. If available, you need to click on it. All files required for the new version will be downloaded. After the successful download, WhatsApp will also install this automatically. You can also set the automatic update option for WhatsApp only.

Reinstall the app

This update method can be considered extreme and should only be used when it is not possible to update WhatsApp using traditional methods. For example, an error message is constantly displayed or a new version cannot be installed correctly. In this case, WhatsApp must be completely deleted., with emptying the cache. In order not to lose your message history and contacts, you need to archive them first – either on Google Drive or on the device itself.

In addition, for reliability, you can scan the device with special utilities that allow you to clean up the “junk” of the software that sometimes remains after applications have been uninstalled. For example, you can use the mobile version of the well-known “cleaner” Ccleaner.

According to the old one WhatsApp version removed, You need to install a new one. When starting for the first time, the standard request for entering the telephone number is displayed. He receives an SMS with a code that must be entered in a special field on the messenger. Next, WhatsApp asks if you need to restore the history of the correspondence. Since it has already been archived, you must agree. After WhatsApp has been successfully updated, you can start using the new version. To Update WhatsApp, No special skills or knowledge required. As you can see, even a beginner can do this. This is possible at any time and completely free of charge.


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