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Cellular operators have long known that a large number of people with Samsung smartphones use SMS to send short messages. In addition, the cost of such a service increases regularly. But users have a great alternative to this method of communication – WhatsApp for phone Samsung. Using such a messenger is easy, very convenient and profitable. A person just needs to make a few clicks to send a message or various media files, or even to call another subscriber who also has this program installed on their gadget. In this case, the main benefit is material benefit.

When you download Vatsap for free on a Samsung phone, only from the second year of using the application does a person pay a monthly fee, the amount of which is about $ 1. Compared to sending normal SMS, the advantages are very significant. For 2 years it will not be possible to transfer a large number of SMS messages if only one dollar has been paid for them. At the same time, text and media files can be sent free of charge at any distance. This is not influenced by the location of the recipient. In addition, messages are sent immediately as long as the mobile device is connected to the global network.

The only exception is payment for the Internet according to the tariff plan when using a SIM card from a specific operator. But here too, the user can save money. To do this, he has to connect his device to free WiFi or to a fixed monthly fee.

How can I download Whatsapp for free on Samsung phone?

When a person has decided to stop giving their hard-earned money to a cellular operator for text messaging and has decided to become one of the users of the service, which is hundreds of millions, they have to download Whatsapp on their Samsung phone . To do this, the owner of the gadget must know exactly which operating system is installed on the device. The fact is that the company makes smartphones based on different operating systems. Most of the time, Samsung phones can be found running Android, but the manufacturer has also developed its own operating system called Bada. Therefore, each of them needs their own version of Messenger.

If the device has Android, the easiest way is to install the service on it. To do this, you need to follow a simple algorithm:

Go to Google Play.
Download WhatsApp on Samsung for free by accepting the Messenger Terms of Service. However, you will need a Google account to do this. If it doesn’t exist, a person can quickly create it using an email address.

The service will then be automatically installed on the device.

How can I download WhatsApp on a Samsung phone using the Bada platform?

There is nothing complicated about this procedure either. First of all, the user must select a site where the administration will provide the opportunity to download the program installer for free.

When a resource is selected, the actions are carried out according to the following algorithm:

WhatsApp for cell phone free download for Samsung direct at the computer.
The downloaded file is transferred to the smartphone. A USB cable is used for this. In this case the file must have the extension “.jar”.
The mobile gadget will restart.
The transferred file is started and the messenger is installed.

At the same time, a person needs to remember to change the phone settings that are responsible for internal protection. This is necessary to enable the installation of the service from an external source. The application is still activated as usual. When the service starts, you will need to confirm the phone number. To do this, enter the real numbers in a special field. An SMS should be sent to the specified number. In rare cases it cannot happen. Then you should hit the “Call” button. Then a call comes in which reports the activation code. It has to be written down and then entered into the program.

The owner of the gadget needs to know that the given phone number is the identifier in the system as well as the person’s login. After all of the above steps, Whatsapp for Samsung will be completely ready to use.


Everyone knows that SMS is a very popular method of communication. Unfortunately, the cost of such a service is increasing every year.

The WhatsApp application has become an alternative communication option. WhatsApp for Samsung is absolutely simple, works in a few clicks. A very simple and convenient program, the benefits of which are hard to overstate. This is a huge savings. Imagine how much money you spend on texting (unless you make it and you more than make up for those costs). And for private communication, WhatsApp is becoming an impressive competitor for regular SMS messages.

Supports all models: gt-s5230, s3850, s3353, s3650, s5620, s5250, s5610 ,, s5260 s8500 Duos, S3, S4, NOTE 2 ,, Galaxy Ace, NOTE 3, c3322, corby, c6712, duos, i900 ,, La Fleur Wave 525

It doesn’t matter how far away the addressee is, messages are sent immediately. You don’t need to remember your username and password for authorization. You can enter the program using your telephone number. The application allows you to communicate with each other for free, and even your friends abroad can correspond with you for free, with the minimum amount of time spent on it. It is possible to place an avatar and send a message to several people at the same time without entering any dialogs.

A big plus is that sending video files, music, and photos is also free! And above all, the transfer is very fast. Also in WhatsApp there is a function like a delivery report, a read report, which is very convenient because you know immediately whether your message has been read or not, as the message delivered is not necessarily read. That is very cool.

However, you will have to pay for mobile internet unless you are using regular WiFi. This application is in demand because once installed on the phone, it scans the phone book itself and immediately enters all the data of people who also use WhatsApp.

To install you need to download WhatsApp for Samsung, then do a simple registration using a phone number and it will be entered into the database.

And even if you suddenly uninstall the program and then download it again, you will have the option to get the lost messages back and it will take a little over 30 seconds. AND free download WhatsApp for Samsung for example in the game market.

And finally via WhatsApp for Samsung phones

Anyone with a phone based on Android or IOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry and a few others can easily install this program. The installation itself involves the following steps: Go to the Play Market (WhatsApp for Android) We register WhatsApp in the search engine and download it. Then we register and enjoy the communication. You need a computer to install on the Ipod, Ipad and Iphone.

How can you Download WhatsApp to iPhone? First, download the iFunBox from the developers on the website. Next, you need to go to the AppStore and download the application Whatsapp. Before doing this, you need to start iTunes. Then copy the program’s IPA file and place it on the computer desktop. You can then start iFunBox. It is important not to forget to connect an iPod or iPad, click Install, open the IPA file and then load the program.

It can only be activated via the iPhone. This is done by sending SMS. We connect the iPhone to the computer, move the Library and Documents folders to the desktop on the computer. Then we connect the Ipod (Ipad) and delete the folder Library, Documents from WhatsApp with iFunBox. Then we put the folders that we transferred to the desktop in their place. It’s very simple, try it and you will like it!


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