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At first glance, the question of whether WhatsApp needs internet is ridiculous. Ultimately, all messages, including media attachments, are sent and received over the World Wide Web. in addition, Whatsapp, One of the things it is known for is that you can make voice calls using Internet telephony. In fact, not everything is that simple …

In which networks does WhatsApp work?

WhatsApp uses an internet connection and tariff plan on the following networks to function:

Wireless Internet access.

As you can see, the list of supported networks is quite large. The problem can only occur on previous generation networks where, as you know, the speed of the internet connection leaves something to be desired. However, super speeds are not required for exchanging text messages alone.

In this case, only internet traffic is paid for. The mobile operator cannot charge additional fees unless the traffic limit has been exceeded. Thus, those users who use unlimited tariffs will get the greatest benefit.

Voice calls are also paid for via WhatsApp. However, additional charges may apply when roaming, as a tariff per megabyte is used. Please check with your mobile operator for details. If an SMS is sent to a friend with an offer to install WhatsApp for themselves as well, the operator can charge a fee according to the existing tariff plan for SMS. By the way, the vast majority of WhatsApp issues are observed precisely due to internet connection issues. So the answer to the question of whether WhatsApp needs the internet to work is yes: yes you do.

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Wonderful SIM

However, as mentioned above, not everything is that simple. Some time ago, information appeared on the Internet that an Italian company had started to issue a “magic” SIM card that you can use to log into WhatsApp without an Internet connection. There are two versions: regular SIM and MicroSIM. This card already works in 150 countries and is supported by over 400 mobile network operators.

WhatsApp is not supported on your Android device

True, there are two “buts”:
WhatsApp needs a really stable mobile connection to work successfully.
You have to pay a subscription fee which is around 10 euros per year. The amount isn’t god knows what however, given the fact that WhatsApp has become absolutely free lately, and such a fee may seem excessive to some.

It is gratifying that the Russian cellular operator Beeline WhatsApp recently enabled unrestricted communication. This does not consume most of the internet traffic. In this case, however, the internet is still needed.

But Watsap’s communication options are worth it:

Send and receive text messages – both in individual chat mode and in a group;
Send and receive media files up to 100MB;
Free internet calls around the world;
The ability to be in touch almost all the time, provided the participant is within internet coverage.

Use the messenger Whatsapp not only convenient, but also financially advantageous. The main thing is to have it at hand activated application, tied to a telephone number as well as a connection to the World Wide Web. In view of these circumstances, the expression “WhatsApp without the Internet” seems at least illogical. Our portal will help you find out how this is possible and whether there is an opportunity to use the feature and save money at the same time.

WhatsApp to the Internet: available networks

The application supports all types of internet connections, the most popular of which are:

3G (and 2G and 4G);
Wireless Internet access;

Cellular carriers and wireless networks are popular because of the quality and speed of their connections. Unfortunately, the EDGE Access Point cannot guarantee excellent performance Video– and voice communication. However, if the user wants to use the connection to send short text messages, they don’t need high speed. This is the basis on which a mobile client can function.

Special SIM card: myth or reality

A pleasant surprise awaits all users of the application. The Italian company has released a special card that allows WhatsApp to work without the Internet. The developers offer three flavors of SIM cards that work seamlessly on all types of mobile devices:

Standard format;
Micro SIM;
Nano SIM.

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There are more than 400 cellular operators available and such cards have been introduced in 150 countries around the world. Practically? Yes, but not for free. Use of the card requires a monthly fee of around 10 euros per year. However, there is no guarantee that this amount will not grow over time.

Of course, WhatsApp works without the internet and is quite successful. But you need to insert such a SIM card into the second slot, that is, your gadget must consist of two SIM cards.


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