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The popular messenger WhatsApp, like any other mobile application, is not immune to errors. Sometimes ordinary users notice that after signing in to WatsAp, their contacts are not displayed and the list of friends only contains phone numbers or remains empty at all. Do not worry. A few simple tips will help you fix the problem in minutes.

Tip 1. Refresh the list

There is a special section in the WhatsApp settings “To updateYou can use it to synchronize contacts from the phone book if this did not happen automatically or if they have disappeared after the last start. Update phases:

Run the program.

To open “contacts“.

Go to the menu (shown as three vertically arranged dots in the top menu).

Press the command “Update“.

Usually this procedure is enough to get the loss back

Tip 2. Show hidden numbers

With modern smartphones, users can save phone numbers both in the device memory and on the inserted SIM card. If the WhatsApp settings are set by default to read contacts from the cell’s memory, the friends recorded on the SIM card are considered “hidden”. The data are only transferred when the corresponding article is marked.

Remove WhatsApp from the iPhone – as usual

To enable the display of hidden numbers, this is in the settings of the section “contacts“Put a tick in the line”All contacts“After the process is complete, all contact names will be transferred to WhatsApp.

Tip 3. Check permissions

If no contacts are displayed in WatsAp after the first start, an error may have occurred during the installation. The user was in a hurry and did not enable the required permissions. Or a system error has occurred and the parameters were automatically reset. To fix the problem, you need to go to the phone settings and follow the instructions below:

Open the section that contains all the information about installed applications. On most smartphones, such a section has the appropriate name – “Applications“.

See WhatsApp’s suggested list.

Go to the program properties.
In point “Approval┬╗Sets all sliders to the activated state (normally the slider changes color from gray to green after activation).

After restarting WhatsApp, all contacts will be synced

Tip 4. Download the new version

If WhatsApp used to work fine but the user finds after the next start that the names of the contacts have disappeared, it may be because there is no current update. You can check which version is installed and whether an update is needed on the official app store or the developer’s official website.

How do I hide the time of occurrence in the Watsapp app?

It is important to understand that correct operation of the program is only possible with a new version. Having automatic updates disabled for a person can lead to a lot of errors.

What to do if a contact is missing

The tips described above will help if not all contacts are displayed in WhatsApp. But what if only one particular person doesn’t show up? This problem is possible if:

A friend deleted his WhatsApp account.
The number was accidentally deleted from the phone book.
There was an error in the phone number.

To record a contact, you need to check all three points. When you find the cause, eliminate it.

So it’s pretty easy to get lost contacts back to WhatsApp address book. However, if none of the methods help, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the program yourself.


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