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Every owner of a smartphone with the Android operating system knows that not only the mobile device but also the programs installed on it have settings. At the same time, WhatsApp is installed on many gadgets. In this regard, some users would like to know how to set up WhatsApp on the phone. It is worth noting that the program allows people a wide variety of settings. This helps create an application that is personalized and therefore easy to use. To do this, a person needs to spend a minimum of time. In addition, all settings are made directly on the mobile device. That way, you can do the process anywhere you want, e.g. B. on the couch or on public transport.

After activating the messenger, you first need to install an avatar. You can use different images for this. The user can even insert a photo of a president. To do this you need to go to Settings and click on the “Profile” section. Then you need to touch the button that has the pen pictured on it. Then the storage location for the photo is selected in the window that opens. It is also possible to take a picture with a smartphone camera or delete an existing avatar. In the same section it is suggested to edit the username.

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How do I set up an account, chat and notifications in Watsap on your phone?

First the desired section is selected in the messenger settings. So if you activate the “Account”, a corresponding window will open in which a person:

Choose who should see their personal information (photo, status and when the application was last used).
View payment and network usage details;
Change the phone number;
Delete your entire account.

How do I copy WhatsApp messages to another phone?

By selecting the “Chats and Calls” section in the settings, a person has the option to select and edit the font size, automatically load media files, background images, backups, and send information by pressing the Enter key. In addition, he can view the chat history and delete or delete conversations.

If the “Notifications” section is reserved in Settings, you can:

Select the message tone and change the melody.
Activate or deactivate vibration;
Customize the color of the indicator.
Decide if you want to show popups.

Now, many mobile device owners know how to set up WhatsApp on Android. In addition, the process is straightforward. Even a beginner can figure it out.


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