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Not to say that often, but it happens from time to time that messages sent by WhatsApp do not reach the subscriber for a long time. In this case, there is only a gray check mark next to the message, indicating that the message has been sent. By the way, two gray ticks mean that the message was sent and reached the subscriber, but has not yet been read. And two blue ones are the nicest sign: the message was not only received, but also read by the person you were talking to. However, if just one gray checkmark is visible for too long, any user will wonder why the messages are showing up WhatsApp on the phone not reach long?

There can be several options, but they can be divided into two broad groups:

Problems on the receiving side;
Problems on the sending side.

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Technical problems on the receiving side:
Perhaps the person you are talking to has simply disconnected from the network. For example, he’s just sleeping or has decided to take a break from the virtual world.
The interlocutor has difficulties communicating. All that remains is to wait.

The sending side has problems

First of all, all you have to do is restart your phone. It’s amazing how many problems can be solved with a simple restart. It is not for nothing that the first piece of advice from services sounds like the proverbial “switch on and off”.

There may also be a problem with the internet connection. You need to check the connection settings or wait for the connection to be reestablished. In fact, the vast majority of WhatsApp problems are related to internet connection issues.
It may well be that the device has a restriction on data transmission in the background. You need to check this and deactivate this restriction if necessary.

How do I install WhatsApp on a computer?

You may want to check your notification settings in Whatsapp. To do this, select: Menu – Settings – Notifications; Configure the settings for “Chat notifications” and “Group notifications” so that WhatsApp signals the receipt of letters from the interlocutor.
Check if the phone is in power saving mode. Many device models automatically prohibit applications from sending and receiving email when the battery is low, and restrict some other functions as well.
As a last resort, reinstalling WhatsApp Messenger itself can be helpful.
If that doesn’t help, you probably need to check your push notification settings.
Finally, you can call or send a message to the WhatsApp Service Center.


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